Review: AGV Pista GP R Carbon Helmet

agv pista gp r carbon

I have been testing the new AGV Pista Pista GP R

The AGV Pista GP R the apex predator helmet has been developed and tested by Doctor Rossi. You can choose your helmet in pure carbon or one of 7 decals sets, the most popular being the Rossi Project 46 decals.

Full 3K carbon thoroughbred, meant for aggressive riding, i.e. track days or racing. The profile is designed for chin on the tank riding. This helmet has an aggressive wind slicing angular front end with a sleek wind tunnel developed shell. Super light and extremely strong with styling from Italy. It has a price tag to match.

Visibility - Field of view left and right and the up and down view is the most any helmet offers. The Pista should be renamed Vista View. Alternatively, skylight. (degree upper view angle)

agv pista gp r carbon

One click visor lock mechanism in the centre making it easy to use for left and right handed. Operation is really easy and can be done with wearing gloves. You simply push a large button and lift.

Locking the visor down has no fiddly buttons you just close the visor down and it locks.  There is a stop gap, with an intermediate stage gap allowing you to ride with the visor cracked open. To lock down you just push the visor down and it locks.

The visor is a class 1 optical which gives perfect clarity, removal is is effortless and simple. You pull down on the spring loaded tab on either side and at it pops off. The new visor has been increased from 3mm to 5mm, it has a Pinlock recess and comes with the tear off tabs as standard.

Shell Shape - Intermediate oval head shape, the leading edge is compact allowing you the movement to look over your shoulder with easy when you are in a tuck position.

The shell is aerodynamic and the trailing edge is cut back allowing for more room in the tuck. The cut back rear offers less resistance with your leathers.  

agv pista gp r carbon
agv pista gp r carbon

The R has a new increased stability spoiler system they call the Bi-Plano. This further reduces drag. This system reduces the vacuum that is created behind your head that pulls your head back at speed.

 This shape gives high speed stability and zero buffet but also makes it a touch harder to turn your head at extreme speeds.

Ventilation – AGV presume you will be using this helmet on the track and that you will want as much ram air ventilation as you can handle.

They also make the presumption that you will not need to make that many adjustments on the move.

The front vents in the chin area are fixed open with no adjustment. They can be opened of closed using a button on the inside of the helmet in the chin area.

The scoops are designed to allow for more airflow in the tuck. There are two exhaust vents on the rear that draw flow through.

Riding in a more upright position they airflow is reduced. This helmet is not meant for use in the upright or ¾ riding position.

There are 3 vents fuelling air to the top of your head. These are fitted with rubber (rain) grommets; they must be removed to open the metal vents. It takes seconds to remove but a bit longer to replace.  As you will be stowing the grommets someplace and if you are like me are most likely to lose them, you get an extra set of grommets in the accessory pack.

Comfort liner has adjustability to get your custom fit. The components are modelled around the shape of your head. They use dense foam for a snug fit that will stand up to high speed wind resistance without the helmet moving around on your head.

You can fine tune the comfort liner, you can a also add some foam (supplied) to a pocket at the back to add a little bit more padding on the back of your neck.

The seams have been moved off the liner for more comfort and less resistance and wear from your head. The lining is removable and washable keeping the helmet fresh.

There are big cutaways in the EPS (multi density) which facilitates the airflow through and over the head.

There is a neoprene skirt on the bottom reducing wind noise and buffet and there is a chin skirt. 

agv pista gp r carbon

The previous carbon Pista models being lighter and made from carbon were noisier than the average race helmet. The new model is much better than the previous with reduced noise levels. Most race helmets have a higher degree of wind noise due to the extra ventilation required on track. There is also a weight saving when there are more air channels with less comfort padding.

AGV have been thoughtful and include a reusable pair or earplugs in the pack.

Fitted with an emergency cheek pad removal system.

The helmet is equipped with a removable hydrapack tube and big bite vale from Camel Pack. (You can adjust the position of the valve for comfort)

If you have the budget and looking for a race thoroughbred, spending most of your time with your head on the tank then consider this helmet. Everything is optimised for riding in a tuck position. It is not the lightest carbon but lighter than most. It screams Italian style and offers a great compact fit.

4 shell sizes // DOT CE Certified


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