Meet the men behind the 2017 BMW G310GS

The men behind the BMW G310GS

BikeSocial meets the engineers that created the new mini-adventure machine…


Making 34hp @ 9500rpm and 28Nm at 7500rpm, it’d be all too easy to dismiss the new BMW G310GS as an entry-level bike. Of course it would be, but it’s also an incredibly capable machine for riders of any level. Read our full review here to find out more.

Weighing just 169.5kg, with a tight turning circle and a low seat height, it’s brilliant for cities, and those times when things get tricky off-road. Or you crash, which I did – you can watch the video here.

There’s no doubt that a lot of work went into balancing the £5100 price with appropriate technology and finishes – in this exclusive video the engineers and designers from BMW tell you why they built it the way they did, and why the motorcycle – which is made by TVS in India – has taken so long to reach production…


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