2020 British Superbike calendar



The dates for the 2020 Bennetts British Superbike Championship calendar have been officially announced. The season will be compacted into 18 races comprising of six triple–headers starting on Friday 7th August 2020 and held every fortnight ending on Sunday 18th October 2020. 


When does British Superbikes start in 2020?

The BSB season finally gets underway with Donington Park’s national circuit hosting the first round of the Championship over the 7th – 9th August weekend. This is the first of two visits to the Leicestershire circuit although Round 5, the penultimate round, will be held on the longer Grand Prix layout.

Round 2 takes place in Norfolk at Snetterton then it’s Silverstone’s National Circuit two weeks later before Oulton Park, then the final two rounds, at Donington and Brands Hatch respectively, are as per the original calendar.

Missing circuits from this heavily revised 2020 Bennetts BSB season include Assen, Cadwell Park, Thruxton and Knockhill.

Here's when, where and how you can watch British Superbikes on TV this year. 


BSB Dates 2020

 2020 British Superbike Championship Calendar
Round Date Circuit

August 7 - 9 

Donington Park (National) +


August 21 - 23 

Snetterton +


September 4 - 6 

Silverstone (National) +


September 18 - 20

Oulton Park +


October 2 - 4

Donington Park (GP) +


October 16 - 18 

Brands Hatch (GP) +

+ denotes triple-header round   

BSB Test Days 2020

An official Bennetts BSB test day will be held at Donington Park on Tuesday, 28th July.



Monteblanco Test

February 26 - 28 ✓

Jerez Test

March 1 - 2 ✓

Donington Park

July 28 ✓


UPDATE - 31/07/2020

MSV can today (31/7) confirm that, following further consultation with the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), we will be unable to permit spectators at any Bennetts British Superbike Championship events during August. This means we cannot allow ticket or season pass holders to attend any of the following events:

Bennetts BSB at Donington Park - 7-9 August
Bennetts BSB at Snetterton - 21-23 August

MSV has followed the government's guidance at every stage in our event planning. Regrettably, in our most recent consultation with DCMS, their interpretation of the definition of Elite Sport has widened to include BSB (and BTCC), as the leading national championships in the UK. This position coincides with the government's decision to postpone any further test events with spectators at Elite Sport fixtures. Unfortunately this classification means that these events must now follow the government's Elite Sport pathway, with spectators presently unable to attend. 


UPDATE - 20/06/2020 

FAQ with Stuart Higgs, BSB Series Director ⤵
From tickets and TV coverage, to support classes and The Showdown - Series and Race Director, Stuart Higgs, answers all.


Will there be a showdown?

"No. Instead of the 27-race calendar, we’re going to have an 18-race championship and as a result it’ll just be a straightforward points-scoring series of racing so there’ll be no showdown in the 2020 version of the championship."

Why are we not visiting Knockhill, Thruxton, Assen or even Cadwell Park?

"We’ve got lots of fans all around the country and they’ll be wondering why – very simply, we’ve had to consider every detail at all levels. For example the practical, logistical and the financial consequences that COVID-19 has meant for us, the circuits, the teams, and where there’s a regional or on-site challenge that we think will be insurmountable. It’s nothing personal and they’ll be back on the 2021 season. Let’s take Knockhill as an example; it takes an extra day to get there and an extra day to get home and many people in a regular season would have to car share, truck share, plus there's a lot of additional sleeping arrangements required - and we just don’t know if that’s going to be possible.

Thruxton, down in the South West of the UK, it’s the fastest circuit in the UK but as a consequence we have to bring more safety protection into that event than we have to in any other round in the championship – and that comes from our own stock, other circuits in the UK and also from the North West 200 organisers in Northern Ireland, so the logistical challenges of bringing all that material over for an event that has some doubt whether it can take place is something that we just can’t do.

Similarly, Assen in Holland. With the quarantine questions, we certainly don’t want to be travelling outside of the UK and the distance to and from the event makes the event too much of a burden on our teams.

And the one that I’m sure will cause a lot of concern; Cadwell Park. Quite simply, Cadwell is the jewel in the crown of the season and it’s the weekend where the championship really celebrates the party in the park but anyone who’s been to Cadwell will know from a logistical point of view it has the biggest challenge the season. We have to operate two pit lanes, there’s a big migration of teams from the top pit lane to the bottom pit lane. Tented pit garages, just 19 of them that have to cope with all the superbike teams and you simply can’t do what’s expected now with social distancing and the more cautious procedures that are put in place, it simply wouldn’t work at Cadwell for that reason. We’re doing what we’re doing to give the best opportunity to deliver a credible championship and allow us to put in all the operational detail to allow us to safely run it."

How is the Bennetts BSB complying with COVID-19 regulations? What special procedures are being put in in place?

"We’re having to identify everything from the moment someone sets off for a race, understanding how people can travel to an event, how they’ll be checked into an event, how they’ll be hosted at an event, in terms of how the paddock will be laid out; pit lane garages, all the operational detail. A typical race event will have many hundreds if not tipping over to 1,000 people from the paddock community and of course our marshals and our medical services. It’s a three-day event and we’ve got to look at the rules, regulations and guidelines that we think will cover camping, for example. We think this will unravel in early part of July as part of a broader easing of regulations from that sector. And then, how to run races. Everyone who’s been to races they’ve seen great huddles of people in the paddocks and pit lane. We’ve looked at other sports and sectors and our concept is to create lots of different cells – from individual teams, individual marshals, media who’ll be authorised, some of the service companies, and all those groups will be self-controlled away from the other cells and that’s going to take a lot of detail making sure the cells don’t bump into each and a lot of that’s being worked up.

We’re now seeing other motorsport events take place across the globe with the likes of Moto America and NASCAR/Indycar races taking place, so we’ve been looking around and we’ve got relationships with all these people and understanding how they’ve been doing it and how they’re applying their safety modelling so it’s a constant work in progress. You’ll see visually some differences, for example with the starting procedure - we won’t see clumps of people with 6 or 7 people around the bike, and umbrellas. We’ll use the quick start procedure so it’ll be a streamlined procedure and at the end of the race it’ll be quite strange, there won’t be a great huddle in parc fermé with people kissing the winner. So they’ll be the visual things that people will see, but it is all a work in progress."


What if I’ve already bought a ticket?

"I’d say for anyone who’s in procession of a ticket I’d direct them to the relevant circuit or circuit group’s website because that will be the point of transaction and how that will be handled. In some cases, the circuits aren’t open or many of their functions won’t be open yet so there may be a little delay in that. The basic principle is if you’re in procession of a valid event ticket for a postponed event, if you can make the postponed event then the ticket is perfectly valid. However, if you cannot make that event and/or the event is ultimately cancelled totally, then there’ll be a refund issued. That’s standard trading terms that applies for everything. In some cases, I think the option will also be offered, if you still want to keep the ticket for some validity into 2021 but that’s a question for the relevant circuit and that will be detailed on their relevant website or social sites."


Where and how can I watch the racing live?

"With regards to all the broadcast coverage, we’re constantly talking to our principle broadcaster, which is Eurosport. A key point in keeping the events on the original calendar schedule was to absolutely ensure that we’ve got the broadcast output because a lot of sport is being reschedule and if we started changing things at the same time, it wouldn’t have been impossible to have a situation where you just have too many events on one day with too many contracted sporting events all searching for the same coverage. So, the fact that we’re on our regular dates means we’ve got the content secured. Obviously, the Saturday of every single round is going to have a Bennetts BSB race so that will be factored in as well as qualifying. It was always the plan to try and extend some of the weekend coverage with covering the Saturday morning free practice either on linear TV or the Eurosport Player, for example. But, as well as that, there’ll be a free-to-air coverage of the championship on Wednesday’s after the event on ITV4, also on Discovery’s Quest channel. And in a regular season, we’re beginning to have coverage of live racing on Discovery’s Quest channel with live racing. In a typical season that would be four races, so looking at how that would have panned out for 2020, so we’d expect at least a couple of races also to feature live free-to-air coverage to ensure no one misses out."


What will the weekend format be?

"Well, we talked to the teams and again we’re just trying to tweak the weekend a little bit to make it easier for them with resources. It’s a challenging time for people to maintain the staff that’s required to go to the events. So, we think the format will be; the teams will be typically position the truck late on Thursday but we’ll delay running on Friday until Friday afternoon to allow team members to arrive on Friday morning to do some of the necessary set-up. With a roll-out on Friday afternoon with a free practice session and then a second session on Saturday morning, then an earlier qualifying slot of lunchtime and skim that down into a short, sharp 25-minute session to get the grid for race one. Race One will set-off at about 4 o’clock on Saturday and probably a couple of laps less than a regular race distance to create a bit of a different race with a different character, taking some of the questions of tyre management out, so it’ll be a shoot-out type race. And of course, like all our races, the fastest laps set the grid for the subsequent races in the programme, so that’s going to be an interesting angle."


What is the situation with the support classes?

"With regards to the all the supporting classes such as Quattro Group British Supersport, Pirelli National Superstock, Molsar Sidecars, Junior Supersport, Ducati TriOptions Cup and our British Talent Cup are all scheduled to be on our new format of six race weekends, and we’re redistributing those races proportionately so you’re going to see a mix of everything, every weekend, so there’ll be something for everyone."




Quattro Group British Supersport/GP2 Calendar (2020)

Round 1: Donington Park National (7-9 August)
Round 2: Snetterton 300 (21-23 August
Round 3: Silverstone National (4-6 September)
Round 4: Oulton Park (18-20 September)
Round 5: Donington Park GP (2-4 October)
Round 6: Brands Hatch GP (16-18 October) 


Pirelli National Superstock 600 & 1000 Calendar (2020)

Round 1: Donington Park National (7-9 August)
Round 2: Snetterton 300 (21-23 August
Round 3: Silverstone National (4-6 September)
Round 4: Oulton Park (18-20 September)
Round 5: Donington Park GP (2-4 October)
Round 6: Brands Hatch GP (16-18 October)


British Talent Cup Calendar (2020)

Round 1: Donington Park National (7-9 August)
Round 2: Snetterton 300 (21-23 August
Round 3: Silverstone National (4-6 September)
Round 5: Donington Park GP (2-4 October)
Round 6: Brands Hatch GP (16-18 October)


HEL Performance British Junior Supersport Calendar (2020)

Round 1: Donington Park National (7-9 August)
Round 2: Snetterton 300 (21-23 August
Round 3: Silverstone National (4-6 September)
Round 4: Oulton Park (18-20 September)
Round 5: Donington Park GP (2-4 October)


Ducati Performance TriOptions Cup Calendar (2020)

Round 1: Donington Park National (7-9 August)
Round 2: Snetterton 300 (21-23 August
Round 3: Silverstone National (4-6 September)
Round 4: Oulton Park (18-20 September)
Round 6: Brands Hatch GP (16-18 October)


Molson Group British Sidecars Calendar (2020)

Round 2: Snetterton 300 (21-23 August
Round 5: Donington Park GP (2-4 October)
Round 6: Brands Hatch GP (16-18 October)



BSB Riders & Teams 2020 - Provisional Grid





Bike Devil Insurance Ducati

Gino Rea


Buildbase Hawk Suzuki

Keith Farmer


Buildbase Hawk Suzuki

Kyle Ryde


CDH Racing Kawasaki

Josh Owens


Honda Racing

Glenn Irwin


Honda Racing

Andrew Irwin


Lloyd & Jones PR BMW

Joe Francis


McAMS Yamaha

Jason O'Halloran


McAMS Yamaha

Tarran Mackenzie


Massingberd Mundy FS-3 Kawasaki

Danny Buchan


Massingberd Mundy FS-3 Kawasaki

Lee Jackson


NP Motocycles

Bjorn Estment


OMG Racing BMW

Hector Barbara


OMG Racing BMW

Luke Mossey


Oxford Racing Ducati

Tommy Bridewell


RAF Regular & Reserves Kawasaki

Ryan Vickers


Silicone Engineering Kawasaki

Dean Harrison


Smiths Racing BMW

Peter Hickman


Smiths Racing BMW

Alex Olsen


TAG Yamaha

Jack Kennedy


TAG Yamaha

Dan Linfoot


Synetiq BMW

Taylor Mackenzie


Synetiq BMW

Bradley Ray


Team 64 Motorsports Kawasaki

Graeme Irwin


GR Motorsport

Storm Stacey


TBA Yamaha

Matt Truelove


VisionTrack PBM Ducati

Josh Brookes


VisionTrack PBM Ducati

Christian Iddon


Photo Credit - Jamie Morris



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