Kawasaki promise “ground-breaking motorcycle”

Kawasaki are teasing us with news of their Ninja H2 project

Kawasaki is set to reveal a new motorcycle they're calling the Kawasaki Ninja H2, as this teaser video suggests.

The Japanese firm revealed a teaser video ahead of the bike's release at the Cologne Show on October 1. Kawasaki claim the Ninja H2 is a "ground-breaking motorcycle”. All the evidence so far points towards a high performance machine, possible courtesy of a super charger. Kawasaki showed a supercharged engine last year, and currently has a 1400 supercharged motor in a jet ski.

A three-cylinder 2-stroke ij the vein of the legendary H2's of old isn't out of the question either but we doubt it.

We’re promised the project will also utilise skills and experience from across the Kawasaki divisions including aerospace and gas turbine and the public information from Kawasaki so far intriguingly describes that the new model will be “built beyond belief” and will “change the motorcycle landscape forever”. Sceptical? You decide.

The three performance models mentioned as the inspiration for the Ninja H2 are the 2-stroke 750cc Mach IV H2 from the early 70’s, Kawasaki’s triple Mach III H1 500cc from 1968, and from 1972 the Z1 a four-cylinder 900.

The 'Ninja' moniker has been used for the Japanese firm’s sports bikes for 30 years, making its debut in 1984 for the GPZ900R. The most recent models to bear the name are the special 30th anniversary ZX-10R and ZX-6R as well as the new Ninja 300.

Full details will be announced soon but for now you can see pretty much nothing at the first video teaser here: www.ninja-h2.com. Worth a look though.

The second teaser will be unveiled on Wednesday, 3rd September.