Beckham: Riding bikes is dangerous, but so is walking down the street!

Author: Bike Social Reporter Posted: 11 Sep 2014

Beckham recently rode a Triumph Scrambler on TV

David Beckham has spoken out about his love of bikes in an interview with the Daily Telegraph. The football star talks of how his two-wheeled passion has grown over the years and how he was recently knocked off his bike.

Beckham has long been known as a biker, particularly in the years following his retirement from professional football when he was allowed to ride more. He’s thought to own twelve bikes including a Ducati Desmosedici, Confederate’s F131 Hellcat Combat, his beloved Harley-Davidson Super Vintage ’93 Knucklehead, a Ducati Monster and 1198 SP.

“When I first started riding, I went for a Ducati - it is something that, when you are a young kid, the design of that bike is incredible” Beckham told the Telegraph. “When I got more into the bikes, one of my friends rides an old vintage 1950s chopper in LA and that got me thinking about building a bike.... it took about a year to build a bike, I was going in weekly... and that's what I ride now, a '93 [Harley-Davidson] Knucklehead. All the parts are 1920s, 1940s, and that is the one I got knocked off, so I was sad to see the damage to it. I've got a 1960s Norton as well, but the Knucklehead is my favourite of the range.

"I got hit off my bike recently. It was the first time. Not a great experience, but I was lucky. Riding bikes is dangerous at times, but so is walking down the street. I only suffered a few cuts and bruises.”

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