£111,000 for unknown French motorcycle!

The £111,000 Midual Type 1.
There are a lot of things you can buy for £111,000. A small house perhaps? A complete toy cupboard made up of all the bikes you dreamed of having in your dream garage. A round the world trip for your family, and spending money? Or you could buy a French motorcycle from a relatively unknown motorcycle manufacturer.

The Midual Type 1 stems from the brainchild of Oliver Midy and is being revealed today to the monied set at the Salon Prive concours event in Syon Park, London. The Midual Type 1 costs 140,000 Euros, or £111,790 pounds in old money and just 35 will be built. Well, in theory, if people splash £111,790 for an unknown motorcycle with almost zero heritage then 35 will be built.

The firm was started in 1992 by Midy and his brother and they designed a 900 prototype alongside famous motorcycle designer Glynn Kerr which was displayed at the 1999 Paris motorcycle show. This, the Type 1, was displayed last year.
Midual is a unique and good-looking bike but the price is outrageous!
It features a unique longitudinally mounted 1036cc flat twin with 106bhp and making 78ft-lb of torque at 5300rpm.  The chassis is an aluminium monocoque which acts as the fuel tank and the chassis of the bike. All in the bike weighs 239kg, compare that to a retro-cool BMW RnineT at 208kg.

The Midual is built around the concept of high quality, the firm quotes Swiss watches as their inspiration for quality, and the bike’s uniqueness. It's put together at a factory in Angers, France.
Dash sits on tank and is all hand-made.
A potential owner can choose everything from the colour and finish of the leather seat, the wooden dash, the finishing on the frame even. The switch gear, displays, gauges on the tank, indicators, footrests, brackets and mudguards are all unique to this bike.

But then you can do the same and spec up a hand-built Norton Commando, Hesketh or Ariel Ace, and they cost a fraction of £111,000. In fact, you could buy all three British bikes, choose them  to your own specification and still have change for a run-about and a classic bike as an investment.

Or if you wanted to hang on to your imaginary £100,000, just order a BMW RnineT for £11,600.

There’s no doubt the bike has high-quality kit. There are Brembo calipers 43mm Ohlins forks, a TTX36 Ohlins rear shock, adjustable steering head angle, and a wooden dash. Did I mention the wooden dash?

The last production motorcycle to have a wooden dash was a Bimota Mantra in the nineties, and we all know how successful that bike was.

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