Tax your motorcycle on Direct Debit but pay £4 more a year!

By Marc Potter
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Tax discs, a thing of the past, but buying motorcycle tax on Direct Debit could cost you more money.
New rules which mean riders can now tax motorcycles using Direct Debit came into force on October 1. Good news many might say, but prices on the UK Vehicle Certification Agency website reveal that using the Direct Debit service means motorcyclists pay £4 more for bikes above 600c for 12 month’s tax.

Taxing a bike bigger than 600cc is £80 a year, but costs £4 a month more using Direct Debit, or £84 in total.

A 12 month ticket on a bike from 401cc to 600cc costs £58 as a one-off fee, or £60.90 in total if you use the Direct Debit service the Government now offers on motorcycle tax.

It’s a similar story for smaller bikes too, you’ll pay £1.90 a year more taxing a bike from 151cc to 401cc, and 85 pence more if taxing a 150cc or under motorcycle for 12 months using the Direct Debit service. Maybe we’ll let them off the 85p? 


But there is some good news too. If you’re taxing your bike for six months using Direct Debit you actually save a bit of cash, though it’s hardly going to pay for your next tank of fuel.

Six-month's tax costs £44 as one-off, or £42 if renewing by Direct Debit for a bike over 600cc.

A bike from 401cc to 600cc taxed for six-months on Direct Debit at £30.45 is £1.45 cheaper to tax on Direct Debit than it is as a one-off payment of £31.90.

Got that? Good. For reference here’s the price of motorcycle tax as of October 2014.


Tax prices for motorcycles over 600cc

12 month one-off tax cost - £80.00.

Pay £7 a month on direct debit and pay £84 in total!

6 month tax costs £44, or £42 if renewing automatically by Direct Debit

Tax prices for motorcycles 401cc to 600cc

12 month one-off cost - £58

Direct Debit cost - £5.08 per month and £60.90 in total.

6 month one-off cost - £31.90, or £30.45 if renewing automatically by Direct Debit. 

Tax prices for motorcycles 151cc to 401cc

12-month one-off cost £38

Direct Debit cost £3.33 a month, £39.90 total.

Six months not available 

Tax prices for motorcycles 150cc or under

12-month one-off cost £17

Direct Debit monthly cost £1.49, £17.85 in total.

 or !

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