Exclusive: Energica to launch electric streetfighter

Energica Eva, also available in day glo green

Energica are the Italian firm who bought us the Ego, the 150mph electric superbike we tested in September which is due on our shores in spring 2015. And we can reveal the street fighter version called Eva, pronounced “A-ver”, will be unveiled to the public for the first time at the Milan motorcycle show next week.

Bike Social's Michael Mann chats to Energica CTO, Giampiero TestoniEnergica’s Chief Technical Officer, Giampiero Testoni, told us the bike will be much like the Ego but is unfaired, has a different seat, different styling and higher bars.

This second production model won’t be available until 2016 but uses the same platform as the Ego which means a fully electric, zero emission, very smooth yet very powerful machine. The Ego uses all of its 144 ft lbs of torque extremely well and the Eva is certain to follow suit. Even without the sweeping fairings you can trust an Italian motorcycle manufacturer to provide a good-looking bike but we’ll reserve judgement until we see it on Tuesday, which is when you’ll see it too.

The lurid green and slightly mind-bending promotional photograph gives as much away as the version on the official website, very little. What we do know for certain is the bike’s primary colour will be green, presumably to promote its lack of emissions, and will be on show alongside the three versions of the Ego in Milan.

Green is the preferred colour

The Ego is priced at €24,000, weighs 258kg and is equipped with some mighty fine and high spec equipment, all of which is bound to appear on the Eva. And so are the four riding modes and four regeneration modes all of which should offer a 120 mile range at an average speed of 35mph.

A brand-new and bespoke factory at the company’s Head Quarters in Modena will be churning out a couple of these hand-built beauties each day.

Bike Social in Modena testing the Energica Ego

Keep your eyes on Bike Social as we’ll be reporting live from the Milan show with updates and news as it happens.