Michelin unveil 'puncture-resistant' tyre

Author: Bike Social Reporter Posted: 18 Nov 2014

Puncture-resistant, according to Michelin

Tyre manufacturer Michelin has just released a new product they are calling the ‘puncture-resistant tyre’. The French firm claim its new CITY Pro tyre is 20% more puncture resistant than rival products.

This extra durability comes in the shape of Michelin’s ‘Overlap Technology’, formed of three reinforced plies underneath the tread. Tests in Michelin’s factory have shown that it takes 20% more force to puncture the CITY Pro compared to its main rivals including the IRC Eagle Grip NR73 and Dunlop’s D104.

The tyre, which is designed for motorcycles up to 150cc and big scooters used in an urban environment, has also been tested on the road. In a 440,000km real-world run in Thailand using 48 motorcycles, there was only one puncture for every 100,000km covered.

Even this bed of nails won't puncture the City PRO, apparently... Smaller bikes only for now... big bikes soon?

Michelin also claim tyre has a 10% longer life span than its rivals, with tests showing the front to last 30,000km and the rear 20,000.

The CITY Pro is available in 21 sizes and will be available later this year.

The release of this supposedly ‘puncture-resistant’ tyre raises questions of whether similarly robust rubber will be made available for bigger bikes in the near future…

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