Husqvarna reveal three new road bikes in Milan

By Marc Potter
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Husqvarna's new concept 401 Vitplien

Almost two years after KTM’s owners bought Husqvarna the firm are back with three new road bikes, two of them as concepts.

After stating that the historic dirt bike firm would return to its roots and only build specialist off-road bikes, three new road bikes were unveiled at a glitzy ceremony on their stand at the EICMA Show in Milan today.

The single-cylinder 401cc Vitpilen and Svartpilen (Swedish for White Arrow and Black Arrow) are inspired by the rebellious seventies with a glimpse of what future road bikes from Husqvarna could look like.

Husqvarna say: “The new Husqvarna 401s are very much new and progressive motorcycles, where advanced engineering meets authentic design. They bring back the honest and pioneering spirit of pure motorcycle riding from the ‘good old days’, into our modern times.”

And the black arrow 401 concept
The Husqvarna 401 Vitpilen is based on a modern interpretation of the 1953 Silverpilen which was ground-breaking bike in its day as a road-going dirt bike. It’s equipped with road-going knobbly tyres and an aggressive off-road stance reminiscent of the original classic bike the idea was based on. You can also see KTM’s influence in the design with a hollowed out swing arm similar to the one on the KTM Duke range.

Both bikes use the same single-cylinder 401 motor, but the Svartpilen is a more road-going version with sticky sports bike tyres and dropped handlebars. There are also fat WP upside down front forks with radially-mounted callipers.

The firm also revealed a new production bike called the 701cc Supermoto. It goes on sale in the autumn next year and features a 67bhp single-cylinder motor and a weighs in at 145kg.

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