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MAG are planning a demo on 23rd August 2014

Leading motorcycle riders rights organisation, MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) are unhappy about the sentences handed out to drivers when it comes to accidents resulting in the death or serious injury of a motorcyclist.

So, instead of writing letters to local council members, MAG are selecting "at least nine UK cities" which we've been told will certainly include London, Manchester, Glasgow and Belfast where demonstrations will be held to raise awareness that the number of motorcyclist's involved in accidents where the car driver is at fault is unacceptable and the resulting punishment is not suitable.

MAG Chairman, John Mitchell has written to MAG members stating: 'Every day, a motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured on the road due to the actions of a driver who didn’t pay attention, or even look out into the road. Nine times out of ten, the driver receives a pitiful sentence for careless driving, or worse still, nothing more than a driving ban; meanwhile, a family loses someone who cannot be replaced.'

In 2012, Mr Mitchell attended a 7,000 bike-strong demo outside the EU Parliament HQ in Brussels which he said "wasn't a silent demo" and he's now called on his members to replicate it ahead of MAG's 23rd August date.

Recent recruit, Lembit Opik, the former Lib Dem MP and now Director of Comms and Public Affairs for MAG UK, will be updating the area representatives with more concrete information at a meeting tomorrow (Thursday, 10th July).

Former cheeky-lover, ex-Lib Dem MP and now MAG's PR man, Lembit Opik

Dave Hammond, MAG Representative for the Eastern Region, is due to attend that meeting but told Bike Social, 

“A lot of our members are fed up with the sentencing guidelines going out when a motorcyclist is killed or seriously injured. Some drivers are only getting a driving ban and we don’t see our lives as being valued. Local councils aren't doing us any favours with some of their road designs, such as the Bedford roundabout situation, so we’ve decided to stage a national demo where we’ll have a gathering and voice our concerns.”

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