Brake lights that strap to your helmet

Michael Mann - Web Editor, Bike Social
By Michael Mann
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An American firm have devised a safety accessory which attaches to your helmet and glows red when you brake offering an additional warning to following vehicles.

The Whistler Group, Inc., based in Arkansas, has unveiled the device known as ‘MotoGlo’ which they claim will increase rider visibility to following drivers which in turn improves everyone’s safety because the light is higher than a traditional motorcycle brake light.

Ghost Rider demonstrates the brake lights on his helmet

The device uses LED lighting and will fit to any full-face or open-face helmet with adhesive. You'll need to hard-wire a transmitter module to your bike which measures only 1.8" x 1.7" x 0.7" (or 4.6cm x 4.3cm x 1.8cm). It can be paired wirelessly with other helmets and works for 12 hours before it needs a 1 hour charge via a USB cable. Don't worry, there's a full set of instructions too.

The eight LED lights flash as you apply the brakes and then remain on until you release the lever. They also alert following vehicles by flashing amber when you indicate.

We’re waiting for our review model to arrive which will undoubtedly involve pushing colleagues around the office on their chairs while wearing the device. All in the name of safety you’ll understand.

According to the firm, the MotoGlo is available for shipping now for $139.95 (approx. £85 at the current exchange rate).

Steve Sanders, Product Development Manager at Whistler, said, “The MotoGlo is literally head and shoulders above traditional motorcycle lighting. The increased rider visibility to following drivers improves everyone’s safety.”

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