Dougie Lampkin visits the Snow Hotel... on his trials bike!

Author: Bike Social Posted: 11 Dec 2014

Lampkin in the ice hotel

Legendary trials rider Dougie Lampkin recently took on some of the most challenging terrain in the world as rode his bike over the ice and snow of Lapland in the Arctic Circle.

Lampkin rode through (and over!) a combination of ice features, fallen trees, snow-covered tracks and Lapland’s iconic Snow Village in unthinkably cold temperatures as part of the ‘Tundra Trial’, all on video.

The trial included a section in Lapland’s famous ‘Snow Village’, which is formed from 350,000 kilos of ice and includes a 120 seat restaurant, a 50-seat Ice Chapel and a 28-room Snow Hotel for guests. By all accounts, the Snow Village is pristine and no place for a motorcycle meaning precision was key to Lampkin’s challenge.

The original plan was to film the entire feature indoors but once the crew had arrived in Finland, they realised it’d be wrong not to make use of the beautiful landscape.

“I’ve been riding for a lot of years now in so many countries, on so many different types of terrain, but I have never ridden on ice and snow”, said Lampkin, speaking of the project. “I’ve always pushed myself in my career and now that I am not riding in so many competitions, this was the perfect chance to once again take me out of my comfort zone…and how!”

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Photo: Rutger Pauw - Red Bull Content Pool