Yamaha launches X-MAX 250 and X-MAX 125

Posted: 16 Nov 2013

Yamaha launches X-MAX 250 and X-MAX 125

Anyone keeping up-to-date with the latest bike launches from EICMA last week would know that there were a fair few scooters launched this year. As well as Kawasaki’s J300, Vespa’s Primavera and Peugeot’s stylish Django range, Yamaha released its radically restyled X-Max 250 and X-Max 125 models, which feature dynamic new bodywork as well as a range of chassis upgrades.

Yamaha's X-MAX models are widely recognised as some of the industry’s most versatile sports scooters – offering the ideal balance of sports performance and everyday practicality. For 2014, Yamaha has launched extensively restyled versions of the X-MAX 250 and X-MAX 125 premium scooters, which are inspired by the look and feel of the recently launched and highly successful X-MAX 400. In addition to the dynamic new bodywork, the 2014 models feature sporty high-specification chassis designs, are powered by responsive liquid-cooled engines and feature a number of important chassis upgrades and stylistic refinements.

X-MAX models are have become established favourites with young professionals who want a sporty and stylish scooter that they can use for daily commuting into the city, with some leisure riding and local touring at the weekends. The dynamic and compact new bodywork further underlines the sporty-yet-sophisticated character of the X-MAX 250 and X-MAX 125, while still maintaining a number of practical features including underseat storage space that have enough room for two full-face helmets.

Yamaha launches X-MAX 250 and X-MAX 125

In addition, Yamaha’s development team focused on enhancing the X-MAX models’ comfort levels for 2014. Revised suspension settings give a smoother riding experience together with a precise handling feel and the sleek new bodywork gives increased wind protection for a more relaxed ride. The newly designed dual seat featuring a built-in rider's backrest also gives a more natural and upright riding position.

In terms of technology upgrades, the 2014 models also feature a new digital dashboard that further emphasises the X-MAX's premium quality specification. Featuring a new hand control function with two buttons, the instrumentation includes a digital speedometer, fuel consumption data, maintenance information and tripmeter. Complementing the dynamic bodywork is a new LED tail light that gives the rear end of the X-MAX models an even more sporty and sophisticated look.

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