Triumph unveils two new Thunderbird models

Posted: 05 Nov 2013

EICMA: Triumph Thunderbirds

Triumph has today unveiled two new Thunderbird models for 2014 – the Thunderbird LT and Thunderbird Commander.

Thunderbird LT

The LT stands for Light Touring and features a torque-rich 1699cc parallel twin engine, advanced ergonomics and detachable extras to deliver power, comfort and style.

Items that come as standard on the LT include a pair of removable leather saddle bags, auxiliary spot lamps and the world’s first real white-walled radial motorcycle tyres riding on wide, wire-spoked rims. The ergonomics feature a completely redesigned, reshaped seat, with deeper foam padding and lumbar support for maximum comfort, while maintaining a low seat height to accommodate all sizes of rider.

At 1699cc, the LT’s eight-valve DOHC motor produces 94PS at 5400rpm and a whopping 151Nm of torque at a lowly 3550rpm. The thrust from its pair of saucer-sized forged pistons and uneven, long-stroke 270° firing interval create a classic big-twin feel.

While the LT’s engine performance makes it easy on the miles, the engine’s styling makes it easy on the eyes. Striking machined fins pick out the distinctive parallel twin shape, while chrome engine covers are offset against jet-black barrels and crankcases. A pair of wide, dramatically splayed exhaust pipes dominate the LT’s front three-quarter profile with their classic ‘header-run’ following a straight line from the throttle bodies through to the headers.

Triumph claims that The Thunderbird LT remains true to Triumph’s core value of outstanding handling in all situations. The manufacturer says that as the result of careful development work on its steering geometry, the LT confounds expectations and delivers light, neutral steering and low speed agility, yet maintains stability at all speeds and in all types of conditions.

Thunderbird Commander

The Commander is propelled by the world’s largest capacity parallel twin motorcycle engine as found in the existing Thunderbird Storm and based on the original Thunderbird parallel twin. The imposing 1699cc parallel twin delivers a claimed 151Nm of torque at 3550rpm.

Its muscular styling combines ultra-wide wheels and tyres, shrouded forks, drainpipe exhausts, generous chrome highlights, wide footboards and Triumph’s signature twin headlamps.

Its new steel tube spine frame features optimised geometry to maintain consistent, manageable steering characteristics while enjoying the dramatic look of fat-section 140/75 17-inch front and 200/50 17-inch rear tyres running on cast wheels. Upgraded suspension aims to keep the rider isolated from bumps but in touch with the road, and the ABS-assisted brakes promise quick and efficient stopping.

Both bikes come with a two-year unlimited mileage warranty as standard.

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