Breaking news! New MT-09

Posted: 11 Jun 2013

All-new Yamaha MT-09

Yamaha have just announced the launch of a significant new model for its 2014 model year range – insiders say the first of five new models planned for launch this year. According to the company, the new MT-09 represents the beginning of a new direction in sport bike evolution.

All-new Yamaha MT-09

Created by the same team of engineers that changed the face of the supersport world with the original R1, the all-new machine brings a new kind of performance together with increased riding emotion and provocative new-wave design to the street. The MT-09 represents the next step in sport bike development, delivering light, powerful and thrilling performance in everyday conditions.

All-new Yamaha MT-09

This 850cc 3-cylinder naked motard-style design combines strength with guile. But above all else, the MT-09 is about emotion, character, excitement, agility and control. Yamaha’s decision to diversify into the 3-cylinder class reflects the fact that very many of today’s sport riders place a great emphasis on engine character and everyday driveability. While there will always be a place in the market for high-powered 4-cylinder motorcycles, Yamaha believe that the 3-cylinder layout used in the new MT-09 opens up a new world of possibilities.

All-new Yamaha MT-09

By combining the best characteristics of both the 4-cylinder engine and the parallel twin, the new lightweight Yamaha 3-cylinder unit offers a new and exciting riding experience to those customers who may be either moving up from the 600cc class, or down from the one-litre class. Producing class leading torque and high levels of horsepower, together with a throaty exhaust note, this easy-handling mid-class motorcycle takes the sport category into new territory.

All-new Yamaha MT-09

At the same time as having a wave of characterful torque waiting to be unleashed, this revolutionary new 3-cylinder bike also pushes out serious quantities of class-leading horsepower to give the MT-09 a leading power-to-weight ratio in the upper mid class. Weighing in at less than a Yamaha YZF-R6, this light, powerful and agile motorcycle will prove to be a revelation to those riders brought up on more conventional designs.

The all-new MT-09 in brief

  • All-new 3-cylinder sport bike
  • 115 hp – 85 Nm
  • Wet weight 188kg / ABS 191kg
  • Linear and enjoyable torque delivery
  • Best power-to-weight ratio in the 700cc+ sport class
  • Lighter than a YZF-R6
  • Slim and lightweight aluminium chassis
  • Naked Motard ‘mass-forward’ style
  • Compact body design
  • Upright riding position for maximum control
  • Refined ergonomics for a stress free ride
  • A new kind of bike to deliver a new level of excitement

Suggested retail price from £6,799 plus road fund and first reg. fees.

Available: September 2014

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