Join Dambusters 70th anniversary charity ride

On the dam at last year's Dambusters ride

Fancy a ride to Germany on May 16 and 17 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Dambuster fanous bouncing bomb raid?

A group of motorcyclists are inviting riders to join them on a charity commemorative ride to Germany to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Dambusters Raid.

The ride is fully backed by officials at RAF Scampton, the base where the 617 Squadron took off from on the mission to drop bouncing bombs on the Ruhr Dams back in May 1943.

The ride starts at RAF Scampton where the fleet of Spitfires and a Lancaster bomber is located, and all monies raised will be split between Help for Heroes and Motorcycle Outreach, a charity providing vehicles for health workers in Mali. Each rider will be required to raise £250 for the cause before becoming an accredited rider.

There will be meeting points at the start at RAF Scampton and at the end at the Ruhr dam with suggested routes to navigate to the end point. But once on the road it’s up to each rider to find their own way to Germany.

Organiser Simon Dufton who first did the ride with some friends a couple of years ago explains: “The event will start at RAF Scampton on May 16, 2013 right in front of the hanger where the 617 Squadron took off from. Each rider will need to have raised £250 or more for Help for Heroes via a dedicated ‘Just Giving’ web page to become a Dambusters 2013 accredited rider. When that happens we’ll release codes for discounted ferries and plotted and planned routes. There’s a meeting point for all riders near the dam and an organised ride into the car park at the Mohne Dam at 00:19 hours.”

The organisers are keen to point out that this is a commemorative ride, not a celebration as thousands of people’s lives were lost during the raid.

For more information go to Dambusters 2013.

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