BMW unveil luxury tourer in California

Posted: 26 Dec 2013

BMW unveiled a new model to join its six-cylinder luxury touring range at the 2013 Los Angeles International Auto Show in California last month. The German manufacturer revealed the new BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive – an enhanced edition of marque’s BMW K 1600 GTL.

Luxury tourer

The USA is a ‘Mecca’ for touring riders, with its coast-to-coast road network, incredible variety of landscapes, climates and cultures, all perfectly suited to exploring on two wheels.

No surprise then, that the BMW K 1600 GTL Exclusive is expected to be a huge success in the states, where the touring motorcycle is king, and aficionados of these luxurious, powerful machines can be found in every State, pushing the boundaries in their quest to discover what’s “around the next corner”.

Having already established a reputation as one of the world’s finest tourers with its inline six-cylinder engine, stylish design and superb standards of equipment and comfort, the K 1600 GTL has become increasingly popular across the world. However, the new K 1600 GTL Exclusive is set to take two-wheeled travel to a whole new level, according to BMW.

Already the K 1600 GTL comes with class-beating specifications as standard equipment, including central locking with anti-theft alarm system; ESA II electronic suspension adjustment; Dynamic Traction Control, and ABS. The Exclusive model, however, features several ‘firsts’ for BMW motorcycles – and in certain cases, world firsts.

For example, an innovative new Hill Start Control feature takes all the hard work out of pulling away uphill, even when carrying a passenger and full luggage. The film antenna for the radio that is embedded in the top-case lid is a world first and ensures the best possible reception quality without sacrificing the bike’s appearance.

Luxury tourer

For the first time on a BMW motorcycle, the conventional ignition/steering lock has been replaced by the Keyless Ride system, eliminating the need to use a key in the normal fashion. Instead, the steering lock, ignition, fuel filler flap and central locking are all controlled by a transponder integrated into the key, allowing riders to keep their key where it belongs – in their pocket.

Long-distance travel comfort for the pillion passenger is taken to greater heights by a new seat, a heated backrest and comfortable armrests. Also found on the list of standard equipment for the Exclusive are LED auxiliary headlights at the sides below the fairing; adaptive xenon headlight that offers vastly improved road illumination and active riding safety; Tyre Pressure Monitors; an additional brake light integrated into the top-case; engine protection bar, floor lighting, and an LED daytime running light.

The styling of the Exclusive model also spells pure luxury – from the fuel tank’s aluminium moulding and fully-chromed exhaust system to the new-look instrumentation cluster that delivers a distinctively upmarket feel.

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