2013 R1200GS gets lairy on and off-road

By Marc Potter
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New BMS R1200GS
If you were under any doubt that BMW’s new liquid-cooled R1200GS isn’t cut for road and off-road riding then check out these pictures which show the new bike getting lairy in the mud and leant right over on track!

The shots were taken during the bike’s three year development plan, and show it cutting its off-road teeth in a German quarry and at BMW’s private test track.
BMW R1200GS gets sideways!
BMW are keen that the bike remains true to its off-road roots, a fact that has helped the firm sell more than 170,000 R1200GS models so far.

The new 2013 model features new electronically adjustable suspension (ESA) and new settings for Enduro mode, and an optional plug-in modification for ‘Enduro-Pro’ mode. Enduro pro allows the bike to be slid around and disconnects the ABS system completely for us on extreme off-road sections with knobbly tyres.

To ensure the bike still handles well on the road BMW have improved the electronic suspension systems and kep the suspension travel the same as the previous R1200GS, with 190mm of suspension travel at the front and 200mm at the rear.
BMW R1200GS cranked over!
The new 2013 models are due to be launched to the press in January with a launch in South Africa, a dealer launch in Morocco during February 2013, and on sale in UK dealerships in March.
BMW GS takes on a motocross track

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