Honda’s CB1100F – just like a real classic?

Honda's 2013 CB1100F rides and looks like a classic, apparently
One of Honda’s senior test riders has revealed just how close the new classic-styled CB1100F is to the bikes it is trying to copy from the seventies and eighties.

The new retro-styled CB1100F uses an air and oil-cooled motor to recreate the classic bike experience but uses modern technology, reliability, suspension, brakes and tyres to make it one of 2013’s most exciting new bikes.

A Honda source who was involved in the development of the bikes said: “It’s like riding a sofa, and a lot like riding an original Z1 but with modern brakes and suspension, it really is lovely.”

Our source also confirmed that although the new Honda CB500s may all appear to be incredibly similar on the surface, they are in fact very different to ride with their own distinct characters, across the CB500F, CBR500R and CB500X range.

All the new Honda's can be seen at Motorcycle Live which starts this Saturday (November 24).

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