Classic 125 for less than £1800

HMC Classic 125
Fancy a Triumph Bonneville but only got a licence to ride a 125? Love the classic looks of Cafe Racers but your pocket won’t quite stretch to a big bike?

Well, maybe you need a HMC Classic 125. The new Chinese brand, imported by Zing bikes of Huntingdon, stands for Herald Motor Company, and this Classic 125 is one of three bikes in the HMC range and shortly available from 65 dealers across the UK.

The bike features an air-cooled 125cc motor based on the design of the old Suzuki GS125, a steel tubular frame, and the kind of classic bike styling that's makinga huge comeback, especially in London and other big UK cities.

We had a quick look at one this morning and have to say the quality looks pretty good, certainly much better than a lot of other Chinese bikes on sale in the UK. And for just £1795 it looks like a pretty good buy. We're going to take one for a review soon and let you know how it fares.

A higher-spec Classic 125 ’S’ costs £1959 and features black anodised wheels and upside down forks. They’re on sale now from Zing Bikes.