Bimota's 2013 Supercharged sports bike!

Bimota's supercharged VLX DB11
When it comes to a top ten list of motorcycle companies most likely to push convention, Bimota are always pretty much top of the list.

So maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised that when the whole world is concentrating on making bikes more frugal and fuel efficient, Bimota has bolted a ruddy great supercharger on the side of its Ducati-powered superbike! It's actually fully-faired but this one had its fairing lowes taken off so you could see the supercharger.

The VLX DB11 one uses a Diavel engine, but if that’s not enough for you, then maybe you could wait for the next bike in Bimota’s plan – an 1199 Panigale-powered sports bike, and a Panigale-powered version complete with supercharger for 2014.

But let’s not jump ahead too far, and take a look at the 2013 model. The Rimini-based company has rolled out this Bimota VLX DB11 -  quite possibly the only supercharged production motorcycle currently on sale.

Well, when we say roll-out, what we actually mean is they had it tucked away at the back of one of the halls at the Milan Show last week.

The sports bike uses a Bimota-developed supercharger to increase the power of the 1200cc Ducati Diavel V-Twin engine from 165bhp to 191bhp using a mechanical drive supercharger.
Belt-drive mechanical supercharger lurks beneath the fairing
The bikes costs an incredible £30,000 and features top-end Ohlins fully adjustable suspension, Brembo brakes, carbon-fibre bodywork, and a full titanium race exhaust system.

Keeping all that power in check is a beefy steel tubular chassis, and tubular swingarm featuring Bimota’s trademark milled aluminium chain adjusters.

A non-supercharged version of the bike is also available.