New BMW C400GT is coming in 2019

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Back in April we revealed the first leaked pictures of a new 350cc BMW scooter and now the firm has unwittingly confirmed it as a 2019 model by filing emissions documents for the bike in America.

In our original story, we said that the new scooter – which is heavily based on the new-for-2018 C400X – would be called either the C400 Sport or the C400GT to align with the firm’s larger C650 range. It turns out that BMW has opted for the ‘C400GT’ moniker.


BMW C400GT coming soon


In terms of specifications, the C400GT is basically identical to the strangely-styled C400X, but replaces that bike’s odd, GS-inspired styling with something rather more conventional.

Under the skin it shares the same 350cc single-cylinder engine making 25kW/34hp at 7500rpm and 35Nm of torque at 6000rpm, mounted in an identical chassis that combines tubular steel with cast aluminium and uses a clever system that helps isolate the swingarm-mounted engine and CVT transmission to reduce vibration.

The conventional 35mm forks, 265mm front discs with four-pot radial ByBre calipers and twin-shock rear end are again the same as those on the C400X, as are the 15” front and 14” rear wheels, respectively fitted with 120/70 and 150/70 rubber.

Where the C400GT differs is in its styling, gaining a tall screen, entirely new bodywork and a much more conventional-looking headlight than the lopsided C400X. It also has a more luxuriously padded seat and wider front fairing panels, suggesting it will be a more relaxing long-distance proposition.

When we tested the C400X (click here) we discovered that it was a surprisingly effective motorway tool, even at 90mph, and the plusher C400GT should capitalised on that element of its character.

Its larger fairing should allow for more storage space, addressing one of our few niggles with the C400X, and like the X it’s certain to be packed with connectivity options.

But, like the C400X, we can be pretty sure that the C400GT won’t be a cheap machine. The C400X – which still hasn’t actually reached dealers – is expected to be a fraction over £6000, and the GT model looks likely to be costlier still. But given that the next-size-up C650GT is more than £10,000 in its base form, that’s no big surprise.



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