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The Nick Sanders Expedition Centre

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Nick Sanders

Author: Geoff Hill Posted: 09 Oct 2013

I have a confession to make: I almost killed Nick Sanders once.

Yes, after riding around the world flat out several times on a Yamaha R1, sleeping for about three minutes a day and facing everything from drug-addled truckers in India to insomniac kangaroos in Australia, the closest the world’s most famous bike adventurer came to shuffling off his mortal coil was at a motorbike show in the King’s Hall in Belfast.

I’d just announced plans to ride a Triumph Tiger around Oz for my next book, and was riding it down a ramp off the stage when I was temporarily blinded by a flurry of sparkly tickertape, emerging from it to find Nick walking off his stand right into my path.

“Good brakes on those Tigers, Geoff,” he grinned when I got stopped about an inch from his boot.

He’s obviously recovered from the trauma, for after two years of building, he’s just opened The Nick Sanders Expedition Centre at his home in the Welsh mountains to conquer the problem that most riders relish the thought of going on an adventure but often don’t for various reasons: money, family or work commitments, lack of confidence or just plain old lack of knowledge.

So rather than trying to teach riders how to ride, Nick focuses on challenging all those negative vibes to get riders into the right mind-set to take the plunge. 
Whether you want to prepare for that once in a lifetime round the world trip, refine a journey across Europe or simply plan a ride in the UK, Nick and his partner Dr Caroline Taylor will talk you through your project on a one to one basis.
“Everyone can do the ride they’ve always wanted to do. We can help give you that push to go and make it cheaper and safer,” said Nick.
With a maximum of 12 people on any one experience, Nick will also lead riders across magnificent unclassified roads in Mid Wales and Snowdonia almost free of cars. 
“I know roads you wouldn’t believe existed. On a good day they are as good as anywhere I have ridden in the world,” said Nick.
Riders will stay in a mixture of brand new and beautifully appointed Mongolian yurts, log cabins with log burning fires or the support truck that went to Timbuktu, which has now been converted into accommodation.

Three-day experiences, including accommodation, breakfast and evening meals are just £175, using your own bike.

For details, contact Nick on or visit the website at

  • Oh, and if you want to read about my Oz trip, you can buy the book here:

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