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Nathan Millward
By Nathan Millward
NateThePostman Round the world adventurer Nathan Millward rode home to the East Midlands from Australia on a 105cc Australian postal bike (he didn’t like flying). He’s since ridden across America to Alaska, writing two brilliant books about the experience. www.nathanmillward.com


After just over four weeks and 5500 miles, Nathan Millward’s trip to Iceland has come to an end: “In the past I’ve ridden around the world on a 105cc Australian postal bike,” says Nathan, “and spent a fair amount of time riding Europe and America. But Iceland clearly offers something very different.

“Given its geographical location, it isn’t the easiest place to get to, but for anyone looking to plan a two week holiday (or longer) it could be a great place to consider next.

“Here’s part two of my guide to getting the best out of Iceland – where to stay…”


There’s no denying that accommodation is expensive on the island, and it’s only increasing in price with the rise in demand. To stay in hotels or other facilities for three weeks would almost quadruple the price, and make for a £200 or more a day budget. Even youth hostels are expensive at around £40, and while some places have bunks for you to use your own sleeping bag, even they can be around £50 per night if it’s in a remote area. By contrast, camping in most parts is around £10 per night, with excellent camping facilities covering the entire island. Many sites have laundry facilities, WiFi and showers, though sometimes the latter two come at additional cost. 

Camping also allows flexibility as you don’t need to book, but if it’s been a wet and windy day then a night in a hotel would be welcome. One evening I booked a bed in a hostel dorm for approximately £30, and upgraded to a single room for a very reasonable £45. Another night when travelling with my wife for the six days she was there for we used booking.com to book a local hotel – a weird and wonderful old agricultural school – for £86. But by far this was the cheapest hotel around, and usually options are in the region of £150 per night. 

I would say though that staying in accommodation, rather than camping would add a positive element to the trip. Farms offer rooms, as do small communities and guesthouses. These would give a greater insight into island life, which can sadly be missing from camping, as all you tend to meet are other campers from mainland Europe.


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