Laser Tyre Valve Access Tool - Review

Author: Ian Kerr Posted: 04 Jan 2014

Unlike car drivers, every motorcyclist understands how important tyre pressures are to ensure the bike handles safely and to ensure maximum tyre life. Tyres are an expensive item and need to be cared for properly, with regular checks being paramount.

However, modern bike design does not always make checking the pressure an easy task with brake discs, mudguards, sprockets, bodywork and even panniers preventing a pressure gauge seating correctly on the valve. Depending on the type of inflator used on an airline, it is sometimes almost impossible to get a good seal and you can end up deflating, rather than inflating, a tyre.

Help is now at hand though in the shape of a new handy tool from Laser who continue to work hard to provide useful bike specific tools. The Tyre Valve Access Tool (part no 5736) is a simply designed, but well-made item that will help with pressure checks on all your bikes, no matter how restricted the space is.

Basically it is a flexible 200mm long high pressure tube with a right-angled connector bonded on at one end and a standard valve core at the other. It is just a case of undoing your normal valve cap and screwing the adapter on and then using a normal pressure gauge at the other end and if necessary an inflator, then when the desired pressure is achieved, just unscrew it and replace the valve cap.

Thanks to the flexibility of the tube I have found it a simple task on a variety of bikes that were difficult before and I have been able to use a number of gauges and airlines without problem. By unscrewing quickly the air loss in almost negligible and has not affected the set pressure in any way.

The tool is more than capable of being stored under the seat or carried in a jacket pocket, to ensure it is always to hand when needed. I have added a plastic valve cap to the open valve end to protect it from dirt and jacket fluff, but otherwise I have nothing but praise for the tool which I am begging to wonder how I did without.

Excellent value and available now at a typical price of £13.52 (+ VAT) but remember to check your local supplier for the best prices and special offers.

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