Emergency PAL helmet decals

Author: Ian Kerr Posted: 12 Oct 2013

Emergency PAL could save your lifeMotorcycling is all about fun and freedom and there is little in the world that can compare to the buzz of riding a motorcycle well. Modern motorcycle helmets and clothing and associated safety aids like body armour and inflatable jackets, help give a degree of confidence and contribute to the levels of enjoyment.  However, it is an inescapable fact that no matter how careful riders are, they are vulnerable and more likely to be injured in crashes, whether it is their fault or not

So it was heartening to hear some good news recently when the DfT's annual road casualty report showed that in 2012, as well as the number of casualties and fatalities falling for all types of road users except pedal cyclists, that there was very big drop in motorcycle casualties. The accident statistics actually showed a 9% drop in motorcycle fatalities in 2012, which are the lowest on record.

Probably not so good was the fact the report shows the vast majority of the motorcycle crashes take place on rural roads and are single vehicle incidents. Rural areas mean that in some cases medical assistance takes longer to reach injured riders and any first aid needs to be right, especially with potentially long trips to hospital, unless an air ambulance is close.

So it was timely that a brand new product was launched at the same time that could help save even more lives of riders injured on British roads, by making it easier for medical first responders to treat them.  The brand-new Emergency PAL Helmet Decal is a safety-first product that gives any motorcyclist involved in a serious accident a better chance of survival.

Actions taken at the scene can be vital and if first responders know immediately whether the victim of an accident has any underlying medical conditions or special needs, it can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. No problem if the casualty can still communicate, but figures suggest over 20% of casualties are unable to talk or communicate!

The Emergency PAL Helmet Decal could well be the answer to this problem by being able to transmit all of the rider’s essential information such as medical history and emergency contact details direct to any kind of mobile phone. This is achieved discretely and effectively through the use of cutting edge mobile technology coupled with a very simple and effective user interface on a lightweight decal weighing less than half a gram that is completely weatherproof and UV resistant.  (It contains an interactive NFC chip and a dynamic QR code alongside an automated text service.)

The Emergency PAL Helmet Decal can be ordered online by inputting relevant data which is then programmed into the card. The user’s information is kept completely secure and can be updated online as health circumstances change. Two decals are then posted to the rider and these are then attached to the exterior of the helmet without causing damage to the outer shell.

Should the rider then be involved in an incident where they are unable to speak, or the helmet hampers effective, accurate conversation, the vital information can be easily accessed via a number of various channels, no matter what kind of mobile device the medic is using.

The simplest way is by simply tapping the NFC enabled decal, which will instantly bring up the rider’s information on any NFC equipped smart phone. It also has a QR code which can be scanned, and if the medical first responder doesn’t have access to NFC technology or a QR code reader, they can simply send a text to the number on the decal.

The beauty of this new products in that unlike other products on the market it does not require plugging into a computer, which will never happen due to the risk of a computer virus. Secondly it is easily seen by any responder who will not have to remove the helmet to find the information, or the fact it is present.

While some may feel that the decals may spoil the looks of the helmet or the design, most will feel this is small price to pay for what is potentially a life saver. Also in comparison to many other safety aids on offer to riders this has got to be the cheapest and best value for money ever at £11.95 per pair of decals.

Ian Cunningham, the Founder of Emergency PAL says, “No one plans an accident or emergency. They just happen and in many of these cases the patient cannot respond when asked about their symptoms, medical history or current medication. Medical first responders face an uphill battle to treat them and get them to hospital effectively. We hope that our EMERGENCY PAL Decal will make the job of the medical first responders much easier by offering the helmet wearer’s essential medical history, previous medical treatment and current medication data, and emergency contacts simply by interacting with the decal via their mobile device.”

 For more information and to order online visit www.emergencypal.com