Christmas gifts for bikers: Under £20


Whether you’re looking for presents for a motorcycle-riding partner or friend, or simply want some inspiration for yourself, BikeSocial’s got some great gift ideas…


Charley Boorman book


Charley Boorman’s Long Way Back book | Around £10

Recounting Charley’s journey of recovery after a major bike accident in Portugal, the book covers his accident and operations, his childhood – where his passion for motorcycles began – and the key influences through his life, including Ewan McGregor and Jason Connery (son of Sean), who first introduced him to bikes.

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We asked Charley what he wanted for Christmas this year… “I’d love to get all bikes I’ve had to sell over the years, like the first road bike I ever bought – a Kawasaki Zephyr 750… you just don’t see many around anymore. It’s the only bike I sold for more than I bought it for – the others I mostly crashed and couldn’t get them back.

“Now I can keep bikes, but I had a long period of about 10 years when I was painting and decorating that I could only afford one at a time, so had to sell each to buy another. When I was in hospital after my ninth or tenth operation to get my legs back together, someone asked if I had any regrets – yes, the XR600R I had to sell!

“The XR was a bitch to start, like the horse Snowy I had as a kid that would run off if I went up to it with the bridle. I had to sneak up on the XR and jump on it before it realised. Still, it was a beautiful thing to ride.”


Rok Straps explained

Check out these versatile motorcycle luggage straps


Rok straps | £10 to £19

Sold in twin packs, sizes 300-720mm, 300-1100mm and 450-1500mm, these adjustable luggage straps are safe, secure and quick to fit. And they won’t scratch your bike or kit as there’s no metal in them.

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Oxford brushes


Oxford Brush & Scrub set | £14.99

Keep all the nooks and crannies of your bike clean with this four-piece brush set.

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Haynes manual


Haynes manual | From £14.24

With a huge range of bikes supported, a Haynes manual will guide you through basic maintenance, right through to a complete rebuild of your motorcycle.

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XCP chain kit


XCP Chain maintenance pack | £19.95

With a 400ml can of universal parts cleaner, 400ml chain lube, a chain brush and two microfibre cloths, this complete pack has all you need to keep your chain in perfect condition and lasting a lot longer.

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Buff neck tubes | From £18.70

These seamless multi-function tubular scarves wick away moisture and help keep you warm in the winter. There are 100s of designs available, and they can be worn as a neck tube, hat, balaclava, mask and more…

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Visor pouch


R&G visor pouch | £15.49

If you use a dark visor, carry your spare clear one in this handy pouch, in case it gets dark. The fleece-lined interior keeps your visor safe while the waist strap (extendable to 48 inches) secures the pouch under or over your jacket (the logo’s reflective).

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Nathan books


Complete adventure book and magazine bundle | £20

This pack includes Nathan’s incredible first book – The Long Ride Home – which beautifully documents his jouney from Sydney to London on a 105cc postal bike, as well as the sequel, Running Towards the Light, that follows his epic ride on the same bike from London to Alaska. You also get his two brilliantly useful ‘Getting Into Adventure’ magazines.

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Tucano Urbano Pippi Socks


Tucano Urbano Pippi socks | £13.99

Made with a Thermolite yarn, these high cuffed 70% polyester, 30% Polyamide socks have a reflective band on the ankles, elastic insert and reinforcement on the top for protection from the gear selector.

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Oxford tool kit


Oxford tool kit | £17.99

Designed to tuck under many bike’s seats, the Oxford tool kit includes wire cutters, pliers, 2-6mm allen keys, two fine screwdrivers, 5-11mm socket set and a screwdriver bit set.

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Sam Manicom Tortillas to Totems


Sam Manicom audio book | Around £10

Having spent eight years riding 200,000 miles across 55 countries, Sam Manicom has a fantastic insight into life on a bike. Listen to his brilliant story as you ride or drive with an audio book CD or download. Read our review below and download a chapter from Tortillas to Totems for free.

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RST Beanie


RST reversible beanie | £12.99

Confuse pursuers or just mix things up to suit your mood with this stretch knit reversible beanie.

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Auritech Ear Plugs


Auritech hearing protectors | £19.99

With their ceramic filters and Venturi sound channel, these earplugs significantly reduce wind-noise, without drastically impairing the sound of conversation, car horns or crying babies (useful if you wear them to bed). They’re also great if you use an intercom on the bike.

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Meal at The Bike Shed | From £6

If you haven’t tried the food at The Bike Shed, you’re missing out. We’d recommend the Bike Shed Burger – 200g of prime minced beef on a brioche bun with onion rings and chips for £10.95. Located in Shoreditch, London, you’ve got easy access to all the shopping and attractions of our capital.

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RST pants


RST trunks | £14.49

Sold in packs of three, RST’s cotton-rich stretch pants have flat seams for comfort, and stretch in all the right places.

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Respro facemask


Respro face mask | £19.99

With an active charcoal filter, this neoprene Metro mask from Respro helps prevent black bogeys when you’re riding in the city…

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Grip puppies


Grip Puppies | £15.99

Designed to reduce vibration, Grip Puppies are UV, ozone and oxidation-resistant foam tubes that slides over your standard grips, and can be easily trimmed to length.

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