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Author: Bike Social Posted: 17 Nov 2014

This week is Brake's Road Safety Week

This week marks Brake’s Road Safety Week and although it's not a subject that riders like to discuss, imagine how difficult life would be if you had a serious bike accident. Ensuring you’ve got the right insurance cover for you – and your family – has never been more important.

However, we all know how confusing buying insurance can be, and even more so when a provider offers so many optional extras to choose from! Nowadays, everything from legal expenses and personal accident cover to helmet and leathers cover can be added to your policy for a small increase in your monthly premium – but how much added value do these ‘extras’ actually give you?

If you’re confused about which ‘add-ons’ are right for you, have a look at some of the most popular options below.

Personal Accident Cover
Personal Accident Cover is designed to give you peace of mind at a time when you need it most. If you take this cover, most providers will give you a cash pay-out in the event of loss of limb, permanent loss of sight, speech or hearing and permanent total disablement, and in the event of your accidental death, most would pay your family or estate a lump sum. Yes it's very unpleasant to imagine, but it would save a lot of stress for you and your family if you were unlucky enough to be affected by a serious accident. 

Legal Expenses Cover
Whatever level of insurance cover you have you’ll benefit from taking out additional protection against potential uninsured losses that can result from an accident, however minor the accident may be.

If you’re involved in a bike accident that isn't your fault, you may still have to pay an excess on your policy, incur costs to repair your vehicle (if you are insured Third Party Only), pay bike or car hire charges while your vehicle is being repaired, incur costs for legal proceedings or suffer loss of earnings due to injury. Legal Expenses Cover can cost as little as £29.99, but may save you thousands of pounds if you’re involved in an accident.

RAC Breakdown Cover
If you were stranded with your bike at the side of the road this winter, who would you call? With 24-hour service, fast call out times and a highly trained patrol force, the RAC offers a range of Roadside Rescue services designed especially for bikers.

Motorcycle Breakdown Cover can cost around £40, but for that you’ll get free call out and labour at the roadside and you’ll only pay for any necessary parts. In addition, if your bike can’t be fixed within a reasonable timeframe, you’ll be taken to the nearest garage (within 10 miles of the breakdown) to get sorted. 

For a little bit extra a month, you’ll get all the benefits of Breakdown Cover, plus if your bike can’t be fixed within a reasonable timeframe, they’ll take you and a pillion passenger home. Or, if you ride to Europe, the RAC’s Breakdown EU Cover is a must. In the instance that you breakdown anywhere within the European Union, you’ll be covered for roadside repairs, recovery to the nearest garage, alternative travel arrangements and accommodation (if required), and if your bike can’t be fixed, they’ll organise getting it back to the UK.

Shark's Race Pro helmet

Motorcycle Helmet & Leathers Cover
Motorcycle gear is expensive and it can cost a fortune to get kitted out from head to toe. However, most good motorcycle insurance companies offer extra Helmet and Leathers Cover that will pay out for your motorcycle helmet, leathers or protective clothing, gloves and boots in the event of an accident.

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