Christian Iddon - Track Day Tips

Christian Iddon - Track Day Tips
Heading out on track soon? Here's some handy advice from British Superbike rider Christian Iddon.

British Superbike rider and Bennetts backed Christian Iddon gives advice on how be a better track rider.

This is the transcription of the above video:

Hi, everyone, Christian Iddon here. Tyco BMW.

I’m here with BikeSocial and I'm here next to Hutchy’s bike, because he is more famous than me, and I am going to run you through some tips I guess to make you a better rider on track. 


Let's talk about one of the most important things and that is applying the brakes. Now, I said brakes and pointed at the front one. We are going to do at least 90% of our braking with the front brake. Now, the main thing to remember when braking, if you are in a straight line, you can be confident to pull on the brake almost as hard as you dare and then as you start to apply any kind of angle, you want to release, so, basically, as your bike starts to tip in to the corner, your brake is going to go from lots of pressure to less, because as you’ve got angle, the less pressure you can apply without the front folding.

So, yeah, as long as you are confident, nice straight line, find your braking point, pull it on and then as you start tip in to the corner, the finger is going to release, simple. 


One thing that I often get asked about when I am doing track day coaching is about foot position and where you put your feet on the pegs. So, basically, most of the time, you want to have it, so you’ve got the centre of your foot on the pegs. The reason for that is because obviously what you need to do, is you need to work gears and brakes. Then, when you are going around the corner, the inside foot wants to be on the ball. The reason we want to be on the ball is that you can move around and pivot. If we keep on there then there’s no way we can actually get our knee out so it hinders your position.


Probably, one of the most important thing, if not the most important thing about your bike are these things: tyres. Hopefully, that’s the only thing on your bike that is ever going to touch the ground. Generally, on a track day there will be some kind of tyre assistance truck, so go over, chat to them and they will tell you what sort of pressures to run.

One of the most important things to do with tyres is to make sure they’re warm. The best thing to get any heat into tyres is speed, try to warm them up in a straight line, plenty of speed and get plenty of heat into them but do be careful on the first few laps giving any kind of angle and also any kind of brake, front and rear brake, at all. Cold tyres don’t like it.


It might sound really obvious but a very important thing is where you look. You’ve got your three main points; you’ve got your brake point, you’ve got your apex, and you’ve got your exit.

You need to get your brake point first. That is the real important one. A brake point is a nice safe place where you know you’re going to be able to decelerate in time. Then, you’ve got your apex. We’ve talked about it before that you can have late apexes, early apexes. You need to pick the right point and you’re going to work it out because each track is different and every corner is different. And then you have got the exit point. So, they are the three places where you do need to look and if you concentrate on just those specific things, they will make you a better rider because what you are doing is you’re minimising the amount of things that you are having to do. Your brain’s got to process riding a bike, so try not to add a load of other things into that process. 

So, they are my tips for better track riding.  Hopefully, you will find it all useful and if there is anything we have missed out, then just comment below, I will get in touch @Bennetts_Bike on Twitter. 

I hope you all enjoy your track time out, enjoy and then I will catch you soon.

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