Review: Tucano Urbano Calamaro gloves

Urbano Tucano Calamaro

Italian company Tucano Urbano are the specialists when it comes to fashionable scooter gear, and these lightweight summer gloves are perfect for buzzing around the city streets.

I’ve been using them on and off for the past year and love the comfort and convenience that they bring. They’re not as substantial as most motorcycle gloves and hardly built for warmth or riding around in the rain, but I really like the fact that they give so much feel and are dead easy to pull on and off.

There really is no excuse for riding around bare handed when there are products like this on the market. While they’re not exactly the kind of gloves I’d like to have a big crash in (as if I’d even like to have a crash…) the hard ABS inserts on knuckles and fingers will absorb the sort of low speed impact that can occur in city riding. There’s a traditional leather palm, with a lovely lightweight main construction and a neoprene cuff with adjustable Velcro strap. That makes them so light and easy to carry around and, at £39.99, there’s just no excuse, is there?

On the downside, they are specifically designed for summer riding, so if you're looking for one pair of gloves to wear all year round they're probably not for you. For the city rider and scooterist who is making short trips or pottering around, the Tucano Urbano Calamaro is a stylish way to add a layer of protection to your digits.

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