Tested: Dane Lyngby trousers review


Date reviewed: May 2018 | Tested by: Simon Hancocks | Price: £529.99 | daneclothing.uk


I’ve been using my Dane Lyngby pants since January, riding on a variety of different bikes, from nakeds to tourers, sportsbikes to cruisers. Having clocked up so many miles, and with winter rolling through till April, these trousers and my Dane Nimbus jacket have been my first choice riding gear in cold and wet weather.

Dane kit is not the cheapest kit you can buy, but it is very well made…


Dane Lingby trousers review



I have the size 25/short trousers and they fit perfectly. I’d say that this would equate to a medium in standard sizes. I’m 5’7” and about 12 stone and prefer my textile gear to be close fitted so it doesn’t flap about in the breeze. To ensure a good fit for your own kit get to a show or Dane stockist and try some on.

With the thermal liner removed there’s a soft and cooling mesh liner that makes the Lyngbys some of the most comfortable bike trousers I’ve tested.


Dane Lingby trousers review


Protection and CE certification

The outer shell is a mixture of laminated Gore-Tex Pro Shell and Armacor. The GoreTex is a strong, flexible and waterproof fabric, and Armacor is a slightly thicker and tougher material that covers your backside and thighs.

There’s SAS-Tec armour in the knees and thighs; the knee armour is extremely sturdy and can become quite stiff in colder weather, but it’s not uncomfortable at all and the ease of movement when riding, walking and kneeling next to the bike are brilliant.

The trousers themselves have not yet been tested as PPE.

From April 21 2018, all motorcycle clothing sold in the UK is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the new laws, click here.


Dane Lingby trousers review



There are just two pockets on the Lynby trousers, both with a horizontal waterproof zip on the front on each side. The pockets are not very big but they are totally waterproof, and large enough to squeeze a wallet in. There are large rubber tabs on the zips that make it easy to use them when wearing even the thickest winter gloves.


Dane Lingby trousers review



The fly is secured with a zip, Velcro flap and a large plastic button that does this magic trick of doing itself up! Both sides of the button have a strong magnet inside that pulls them together when they get about 5mm apart. They’re then held in place with a clip, meaning the button can only be undone by hand.

It’s a really neat feature and, as our waistlines get harder to see, makes comfort breaks while out and about that little bit easier.

There is also a waterproof zip that runs up the outside of each ankle and ensures a close fit around your boots.


Dane Lingby trousers review


A ¾ length belt runs from the front pocket on each side of the jacket and adjusts with Velcro loops. You can take about three inches out of the waist of the trousers, which means you can layer up in really cold weather but still get the waist to a comfortable fit.


There are no vents on the Lyngby trousers. I didn’t find this a negative even though I have ridden through some hot weather. If I found myself becoming too warm I would undo the zip that runs up your ankle and open out the hem of the trouser a little –  just this would offer enough cooling air to keep me comfortable.



The Lyngby trousers have a polyester thermal liner that zips in place around the waist and the hem securely. With the thermal liner installed I rode through winter storms without complaint, and when removed they are cool enough for summer rides. The liner is thin and when installed doesn’t feel bulky or inhibit movement in anyway.


Dane Lingby trousers review



The laminated Gore-Tex Pro Shell construction makes these trousers 100% waterproof. After thousands of miles of winter riding I’ve never encountered any leaks or moisture.



Motorcycle trousers may be less feature-laden than motorcycle jackets, but that just means the features they do include have to work, really well. That’s where the Dane Lyngby pants come into their own. From the waist adjustment to the fasteners; everything just works; simply and effectively.

Add to this the excellent wet weather and cold temperature performance and you have probably the best textile trousers I’ve had the chance of testing.

Yes, they aren’t cheap, but they are still good value when you consider the quality of materials and protection they provide you. If you’re serious about riding big distances in all weather, you have to be serious about the gear you use, and Dane’s Lyngby trousers should be on your kit-list.