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Scooter security: Datatool Croc Lock review

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Datatool CrocLock review
Datatool CrocLock review
Datatool CrocLock review
Datatool CrocLock review
Datatool CrocLock review


Date reviewed: February 2018 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £32.95 | Weight: 292g |


Available in yellow, red or black, the Croc Lock is a simple glass-reinforced plastic device that keeps the front brake applied by locking around the handlebar and brake lever. It comes with two keys and can be carried in the boot compartment of your scooter, or under a bike’s seat.


Datatool CrocLock review


Size and weight

The Croc Lock is compact and extremely light at just 292g, so shouldn’t be any trouble to carry.


Ease of use and compatibility with scooters

The Croc Lock works with any scooter, motorcycle or ATV thanks to the universal handlebar fitting – there are also additional inserts supplied for use on thicker (for instance heated) bars.

The biggest advantage this has over other products is that you don’t need to bend over or get grubby fiddling around the wheels to lock it into place – just open it up, clamp it over the bar and lever, then press the locking barrel into place. Unlocking is just as simple, with the key allowing the barrel and pin to slide out, releasing the thick hinged sections.

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Resistance to attack

While it’s very easy to use, the lightweight construction does leave the Croc Lock somewhat vulnerable; we couldn’t pry it open, but it’s possible to hacksaw it open quite quickly – an angle grinder would allow a faster attack, or a thief could smash it off, though this would take the lever with it, leaving the brakes inoperable.



Scooter security kit needs to be quick and easy to use – the majority of thefts are by youngsters with no tools, and in that respect, the Croc Lock is a success, adding an extra layer of hassle for any prospective thief.

Of course, most machines have the steering locks broken by force, but once off, this doesn’t interfere with the riding of the bike; if a thief smashes this lock off, they’ll need to replace the brake lever before they can use the machine, be it for joy riding or in robberies. There is an easier way of defeating it too, so it will only deter the thief with no tools, but these are the kind of people often using unsecured scooters for violent crimes.

The Croc Lock shouldn’t be considered a suitable device for higher-value motorcycles, and it’s worth keeping in mind that it could put pressure on your brake caliper seals while fitted, but as a useful deterrent that can be applied in seconds – without rummaging around in the dirt – it’s worth considering, as long as you’re aware that it only gives very limited security.


Big thanks to Piaggio and repair/claims specialist 4th Dimension for supplying parts that allowed us to carry out real-world testing. Both are companies who, among others in the moped, scooter and motorcycle industry, are passionate about reducing crime.


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BikeSocial’s consumer editor explains how the locks were tested and how best to use them. Thanks to Wheels Motorcycles in Peterborough

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