Pragmasis Shed shackle review: Shed security anchor

With sheds now under the garage clause at Bennetts motorcycle insurance, the Pragmasis shed shackle is a good alternative to a traditional ground anchor


Date reviewed: September 2020 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £49.95 |


The best way to secure your bike is with a decent chain, lock and ground anchor. It might be a concrete-in anchor, or it might bolt into the ground; my favourite is the Pragmasis Torc Ground Anchor, a review of which you can read here.

But not everybody will be able to fit an anchor like this, and with locked wooden sheds on a concrete base, (as well as metal sheds and shipping containers) now coming under the garage clause for Bennetts motorcycle insurance customers, more people could be finding themselves wondering what the best ground anchor is for their motorcycle.

If your shed is fixed down to the base – with no floor of its own – you can more easily use what you like, but a wooden or metal floor could get in the way. Or even if you cut a hole in the floor, the shed might be sitting on concrete paving slabs, which are no good for an anchor. The Pragmasis Shed Shackle could be the answer…


For and against
  • Clever design offers decent security
  • Easy to fit
  • Available for wood or metal sheds
  • Not as secure as high-end ground anchor, but this is a good compromise

Everything is supplied – even a drill-bit, while the shear nuts make for a permanent fixing once fitted


Build quality

Made in Britain from 5mm-thick hardened steel, the Pragmasis Shed Shackle is rated Silver by Sold Secure under the Domestic Buildings category and also approved by the Secured by Design police initiative.

The Shed Shackle is supplied in four sections which, once joined together form a very solid anchor that fixes to – and reinforces – the wall of your shed, typically on one of the uprights

Because the sections interlock and bolt through the wall with shear nuts fixing it in place, it’s very unlikely that anyone could lever it off. The most likely point of attack will have to be in cutting the chain aperture, which will need two cuts and be as much hassle – if not more – as cutting the chains.


The instructions – like all from Pragmasis, are extremely detailed


Ease of use

Very detailed instructions are supplied with the Pragmasis Shed Shackle and fitting is easy, with all the fixings and a drill bit supplied.

The opening for a chain is 51mm tall, 52mm wide at the top and 80mm wide at the bottom. Pragmasis says that it’ll take two 11mm chains, or one 13mm and one 11mm, which would be a pain for a thief to cut. I also found that I could get the long links of the Pragmasis 19mm through the Shed Shackle, which is one of our most highly-rated motorcycle chains.


With sheds now under the garage clause at Bennetts motorcycle insurance, the Pragmasis shed shackle is a good alternative to a traditional ground anchor

Even a 19mm chain can fit the Shed Shackle, though it will need long links like this one from Pragmasis


Pragmasis Shed Shackle review: Verdict

It goes without saying that the Pragmasis Shed Shackle isn’t going to offer the same level of security as a 22mm chain and a heavy-duty ground anchor (like the Pragmasis Torc).

But… if you can’t bolt or bury an anchor into concrete, this is a really good compromise, making your bike much harder to steal than using just a chain on its own. It’s very well thought out, simple to fit and great value – if you have a metal or wooden shed it’s well worth considering.

Remember that Bennetts Rewards members can save 10% off the already excellent prices at Pragmasis.

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