Pragmasis HS1 Heavy Duty Hasp and Staple review


Date reviewed: September 2020 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £55 |


The Pragmasis HS1 Heavy Duty Hasp and Staple is designed as an upgrade to the usual shed door security.

With locked wooden sheds on a concrete base, (as well as metal sheds and shipping containers) now coming under the garage clause for Bennetts motorcycle insurance customers, it’s easier for more people to get cover who don’t have a brick-built garage. Sheds can of course be more vulnerable to attack than a traditional garage, but with a little investment you can make your motorcycle far less tempting to any potential thief…


For and against
  • Very well designed and built
  • Much more secure than a standard hasp and staple or Brenton bolt
  • All fixings and drill bit included
  • Can’t find fault with it
With sheds now under the garage clause at Bennetts motorcycle insurance, the Pragmasis HS1 heavy duty hasp and staple is a valuable addition for security

Everything you need is supplied


Build quality

Simple as it is, the Pragmasis HS1 hasp and staple – which is made in Britain – is a very well-thought-out design, the eight supplied coach bolts being hidden beneath the hasp when it’s closed.

Made of 5mm-thick steel with a thick, tough paint finish, the hinge pin is welded to the base plate to resist attack.

The staple is a massive 12mm-thick and laser-cut, with a 15mm diameter hole; a Squire SS50CS lock fits it perfectly.



Ease of use

As with all Pragmasis products, very detailed instructions are supplied, along with the bolts, washers and nuts. A drill-bit is even included, so all you’ll need is a drill and a 13mm socket or spanner.

We’ve reviewed the standard HS1, which includes 70mm-long coach bolts, but you can also buy the package with longer bolts for thicker doors:

HS1 package

Bolt length

Drill bit included

Additional cost





Slightly longer








Longer Still




Even Longer




To decide what length of bolts you need, measure the entire thickness of the door, then add 20mm.

The hasp and staple each have six possible holes to fit the four bolts, so you should be able to easily find the best position –  go through as much wood as possible for a secure fixing as there’s no point having something this solid if the wood it’s bolted to is weak.

The supplied drill bit is suitable for cutting through nails, so if you do hit one during fitting, it shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re worried it’s created a weakness in the door, just add more nails or screws out of the path of the bolts.


With sheds now under the garage clause at Bennetts motorcycle insurance, the Pragmasis HS1 heavy duty hasp and staple is a valuable addition for security

A closed-shackle lock like this Squire SS50CS (not included) has extra protection around the sides of the shackle of the padlock, making attack much harder


Pragmasis HS1 Heavy Duty Hasp and Staple review: Verdict

It’s difficult to see how this could be any better – the design makes it very hard to attack, and it’s easy to install, coming with everything you need besides basic tools.

If you do have a wooden shed, it’s well worth upgrading from the typically weak door locks that are usually supplied, and the HS1 is a very good option.

Just make sure you have a suitably good lock; the Squire SS50CS is an excellent option, costing £64.95 from Pragmasis, though there are others available that will fit.

Overall a great bit of kit, and remember that Bennetts Rewards members can save 10% on everything at Pragmasis, including the HS1 and the SS50CS.

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