Scorpion EXO 1000

Scorpion EXO 1000

A helmet is a life saver so I cut no corners when looking for new head-gear.

This time, I thought, I'll go for something that has a pedigree I can trust. I was caught out once by a 'bargain' model, so this time I set about selecting something which offers highest quality at a sensible price. I certainly wasn't prepared to 'shell out' four or five hundred pounds for a 'Luigi Lightning Superstar Replihead'.

The best value seemed to be on offer from Scorpion. The EXO 1000 model costs £289 and is excellent value when you consider what you get.

Technically it's up with the best, using top materials for the shell and it meets the toughest standards (ACU Gold approved and ECE 2205 approved), of course, - being reinforced in all the right places.

There's an air pump system for pumping up around the cheeks so it will, more or less, prove to be a good fit for everyone. This super comfy fit means that no drafts sneak inside, which then means that when you're supersonic its nice and quiet.

If, perchance, the golden glow of sunshine begins to dazzle you, you just drop down the sun visor. But that's not likely in sub-aqua GB is it?

So – whether you're a pin head or a big head, you can get it right with all the benefits good fit brings in noise reduction and, of course, safety.