Review: TCX Urban Waterproof Boots

TCX Urban Waterproof boots

At first glance, you would hardly consider TCX’s Urban boots to have been designed for motorcycle use. Indeed, even with a second or third look it’s hard to see what makes them ‘bike’ at all.

What we have is simply a really nice pair of black leather ankle boots that can happily be worn off the bike and, upon closer inspection, you’ll find a whole bunch of neat features that have been designed to provide the protection required when riding.

They have full grain leather uppers and I love the classy look. The side fastening gives a clean look and makes them faff free for getting into, and I regularly wear these around town with a pair of jeans. On the bike they are comfortable and have kept my feet dry in the few downpours I’ve been caught in. 

On the downside, the stuff gives the TCXs their protective qualities as bike boots makes them a little clunky on the street, but it’s a small price to pay for the secure feeling they give on the bike. There’s plenty of additional protection around the ankle, heel and toe area, and the overall construction of the boot feels very substantial. Another neat touch is the toe strap that comes in a separate packet with the boots. This slips over left boot to give some added cushion on the gear change area and, although I’ve never felt it necessary on any of the bikes I’ve ridden while wearing them, it should protect the boot from being scuffed up if your gear change is on the stiffer side. 

These do feel like keepers. Having worn them for a few months I can feel them slowly breaking in. They do still chafe my shins when I walk in them and the boot itself is still incredibly stiff. They are absolutely fine on the bike, and getting more and more comfortable off it, though I fully expect that a few more drenchings will make them softer and more subtle, as well as giving them a more weathered appearance.

At a penny under £140, these are on the money. Thankfully I haven’t been able to test their crashworthiness but TCX is a brand with a strong reputation in racing, particularly in the rough and tumble world of motocross, and these Urban boots feel reassuringly sturdy.