Review: RST TracTech Boot

RST TrackTech Evo Waterproof Boot

British motorcycle clothing Manufacturer RST can trace its roots back to 1988, when the company started out making top quality gloves at a low price for racers and road riders alike. Fast-forward to today and you can’t cast your eye down a domestic, European or International championship grid without spotting racers adorned in RST’s leathers, boots and gloves. With big names like Ian Hutchinson, Neil Hodgson, Alex Lowes and the Mackenzie Clan all in the RST stable, if you own an RST item then you’re in good company.

I first inserted foot into RST TracTech Evo boot at the beginning of December and have clocked up about a thousand miles in them since. I chose these boots specifically because I also have the RST R-16 race suit which I reviewed late last year. It’s not that I’m a fashion victim that matches everything I wear, for me it was a matter of comfort. My old Puma riding boots were never comfy when wearing the RST suit, so I figured the best fitting boots for my leathers would be ones made by RST - It turns out I was right.

The RST TracTech is aggressively styled and is best suited to a feet up tucked riding position. If the bike you ride is more upright the large amount of shin and ankle protection this boot provides may be uncomfortable after a while. They have a large heavy duty heel protector, toe-sliders fitted and a gear lever protector on each boot. The fastening system is a large pocketed (waterproofed) zip which comes up to just above your ankle and a large elasticated flap that secures the boot to your foot.


RST TrackTech Waterproof Boots

The TracTech Evo boot is more robust than my previous boots so while I was getting used to them on the first ride I did inadvertently click the gear lever. Likewise, I would, on occasion, think the next gear was engaged, only to release the clutch and find I was still in the same gear – cue rev limiter.

The TracTech Evo’s feature a soft interior liner that I have found to be extremely warm and comfortable, (if you have read my recent glove review you will know I’ve been riding in cold weather) even when riding though subzero wind and rain my feet were always the driest and warmest part of my body.

The boots are claimed to be waterproof which is completely accurate. At no point during the testing has any rain forced its way into the zips or seams. I haven’t gone to the lengths of standing in a bucket to test them but I don’t consider that a real-world situation for this type of boot either.

The best part about the boots is their extreme comfort both on and off the bike. Normally when commuting I carry a set of pumps to wear in the office but really I’d be quite content wearing the RST’s all day. It’s probably down to their warmth!

In summary, these are an extremely robust boot that only took a bit of bedding in. If you’re planning a winter track day or need a pair of properly water and weather proof boots the RST’s offer ideal value for money.

The TracTech Evo WP boot has an RRP of £159 – sizes 6-13(UK)

For more info head to your local RST dealer or click here

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