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Tested: Hevik Helios R motorcycle gloves review

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Tested: Hevik Helios R motorcycle gloves review


Date reviewed: August 2018 | Tested by: John Milbank| Price: Approximately £52 |


Designed as a summer adventure and touring glove, the Hevik Helios R is a mesh and leather glove that helps keep your hands significantly cooler in the hottest weather. I’ve been using them on a variety of bikes for several months…


Fit and feel

This is of course always going to be subjective, but I’ve found the Heviks to be a snug yet comfortable fit. The insides of the fingers are made a spandex, while a stretch panel behind the knuckle protection helps them follow the shape of your hands whether or not you’re gripping the bars.

The palm is unlined, so you get good feel from the bars.




Don’t even think of riding in the winter with these. The mesh allows a decent amount of air through, keeping your hands cool in the hot weather. They’re not like wearing nothing – there’s a surprising amount of restriction, but these are more comfortable in extremes of heat than all-leather gloves, and a particularly great option in slow moving or city traffic.



Protection and CE certification

Hard knuckle protection is tucked under a leather outer, and feels comfortable in use. There’s no armour elsewhere (just light padding on the tops of the finger joints).

With the areas of mesh and spandex, these can’t be as protective in every crash as a quality pair of full-leather gloves – the mesh on the side of the thumb does wrap a fairly long way around, but these are CE-approved, so they’ve been tested to a level that promises a reasonable degree of protection in a typical incident.

From April 21 2018, all motorcycle clothing sold in the UK is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the new laws, click here.





It’s good to see a secure wrist strap on the Helios gloves – once done up, they can’t be pulled off your hands. The opening is a little tight for me, making them slightly harder than some others to put on, but they remain comfortable.

A Velcro cuff strap ties the back of the glove down, though I found the flap a little long compared to the loop section on the cuff when wearing this under your jacket’s sleeve – no great issue though.


Wet weather use

You don’t need telling that these are not for wet-weather use. In the rain they leak like, well, like a pair of mesh gloves. If you do get caught in the rain though, just know that you’ll get black palms from the dye in the leather.



The lining is a mix of fine mesh and bare leather – there are no uncomfortable areas or annoying seams.




For summer use, these are a good option, and the finger tips are compatible with touchscreens. My only real disappointment is that the mesh of the first finger on the right gloves has frayed – this started as soon as I used the gloves, being caused by the hooks on the Velcro fasteners of the left glove when taking them off.

Choosing the right bike kit is always a compromise, but the Hevik Helios Rs offer a decent balance for general road riding in hot weather.


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