Tested: DXR TTR gloves review


Date reviewed: October 2017 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £39.99 | www.sportsbikeshop.co.uk


Imported exclusively into the UK by SportsBikeShop, The DXR TTR summer gloves are CE-approved, and made predominantly from goatskin leather. I’ve been using them on a variety of bikes throughout the summer…


Fit and feel

Fit is of course very subjective, so always try before you buy (with free returns, this is easy if you can’t make it to the Lincolnshire showroom), but I’ve found them very comfortable. The fingers are all a good length, though the thumbs are a little roomy at the sides. But they’re not baggy, and I’ve never had the sensation of the digits folding or catching on any bike’s controls.

Feel is excellent through the thin, lined leather, and there are no panels that cause any discomfort or pressure points


BikeSocial Reviews DXR Motorcycle gloves


Protection and fastening

These are short-cuffed gloves, so be aware of the lack of protection in the event of a slide, should your jacket’s sleeve push back. But these are retro-styled street gloves that are CE approved for motorcycle use, and include stiff armour across the knuckles and extra layers on the key areas around the palm and edge of hands. They’re not going to offer the same levels of protection as a premium race glove, but they’re well made, especially for the price.

The gloves have an effective Velcro wrist restraint that’s flared at the end to prevent it pulling out of the buckle when putting the glove on – a neat touch.


BikeSocial Reviews DXR Motorcycle gloves



The TTRs are fully lined, so haven’t given me any problems with die-fastness, and have proven comfortable in all weathers. They’re summer gloves, though they don’t have any venting – this isn’t a problem in the UK, but if you ride abroad a lot, you might find them a little warm in the hottest weather.



BikeSocial Reviews DXR Motorcycle gloves



The TTRs look great with my retro-styled leather jacket, and are a very good fit. My only complaint is that, in order to keep the cost down, the knuckles are covered with ‘TPU leather’ – actually just a thermoplastic polyurethane – which has scuffed very easily. Those little nicks out of the surface aren’t the end of the world, and give a more weathered look, but it’s a shame they mar what is an otherwise very good finish. For the money though, they’re a great option.