Tested: Alpinestars Patron Gore-Tex waterproof motorcycle gloves review


Date reviewed: March 2019 | Tested by: John Milbank | Price: £169.99 | www.alpinestars.com


The Alpinestars Patron Gore-Tex motorcycle gloves reviewed here are designed for summer riding, with the addition of a waterproof membrane; I’ve been wearing them for several months in a variety of conditions on bikes like the Yamaha MT-10, Yamaha Niken, Yamaha MT-09 and Honda CBR650R…


Fit and feel

Needless to say, fit is extremely subjective. I typically take a size large glove, and in the Alpinestars I did find these snug. However, they’ve broken in well, and while they’re still a little tighter than some others, they’re not uncomfortable; as with any kit, always try them on for yourself before buying.

With a waterproof membrane inside, these will never give the feel of a pure summer glove, but they are good. I find the palm’s a little more bulky feeling than I’d hope, but not to the extent that they cause any issues – they just have a slight tendancy to ruck up a fraction on my palms.

Movement isn’t restricted, partly thanks to the fabric used between the fingers and inside the web of the thumb. There are also stretch panels on the tops of the fingers and behind the knuckles.

The Patrons have ‘Gore Grip technology’, which simply means that the layers inside the gloves are tightly bonded together, so they don’t move around.



Warm and cold weather use

I’d describe these as being 2.5 season gloves – they’re definitely too cold for winter, and will get a bit hot during the warmest days of summer, but they don’t overly cook your hands. If you only ride in the summer, you’ll likely find these a bit too warm.


Protection and certification

The Alpinestars Patron gloves are CE approved with firm (but flexible) armour on the knuckles, padding on the tops of the fingers, and a slider on the outside edges of the palms to reduce the risk of damage to your scaphoid in a crash.

Synthetic suede covers the outside of the hand and lower palm for added protection, while the little finger is joined to the third finger to reduce the chance of it being bent and broken; in use, you’re not aware of this panel reducing your dexterity in any way.

The main sections of the gloves are leather, and the fingertips are touch-screen compatible.

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the new laws, click here.




The hook and loop fastening wrist strap secures the glove well, and is flared at the end, so it won’t fall out of the buckle loop. The cuff strap can be drawn tightly around your wrist, or has enough space to accommodate most reasonable thickness cuffs (including a watch if you have one on).



Wet weather use

The Alpinestars’ cuff is long and compact enough that it easily tucks under your jacket’s cuff, which is the best way to wear gloves in order to prevent any water getting in.

A visor wiper blade is sewn into both the left and right first fingers – it’s not the largest I’ve seen, but it is a useful addition.

Panels on the palm and inner thumb help grip during the wet, and even on a 70mile ride in very heavy rain, I didn’t get any water inside. At 5°C, I did get very cold hands (these aren’t winter gloves), and at one point I thought they’d leaked, but it was just the cold air blowing through the fabric panels between the fingers.

Like most leather gloves, these won’t dry quickly – a full day after I got soaked, they were still damp. Being leather, it’s important that you don’t force dry them on a radiator… Still, I’d rather put these on than a pair normal summer gloves that have had a soaking.



Thanks to the bonded interior, there’s no risk of the lining pulling out – especially important during warm, wet weather. The Patron’s lining feels comfortable in all weathers, and makes it easy to get your hands in and out of the gloves.




The Alpinestars Patron gloves offer a great compromise – they’re not too hot, but they’re waterproof; perfect for British summers! When riding overseas, I’m usually in summer gloves, but I take these in my rucksack just in case.

Available for a fair bit less than the RRP (they’re not hard to find at £110), these gloves have replaced the now discontinued Knox Coverts that were my everyday mitts. The Patrons have the advantage of visor wipes and CE approval, so come recommended for anyone who’s likely to ride in the rain.

UPDATE Feb 2020 Sadly, after just over a year of use, the lining in the Patrons has come apart on a seam at the thumb on the right had – that's led to the waterproof membrane ripping, so the gloves are ruined; a real shame. Back to the Knox...


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