E-Nduro; electric adventure riding for novices or experts reviewed

Kane Dalton
By Kane Dalton

Club, Endurance and Isle of Man racer, been riding bikes since 1970 something, got the bug sitting on the back of my dad’s 400 Four. First ride was an Italjet followed by RM80 and YZ125 dirt bikes, current bikes range from agricultural to exotic. Writing about bikes for four years.


Date reviewed: August 2019 | Tested by: Kane Dalton | Price: from £99 | www.e-nduro.co.uk


Electric bikes might well be the saviour of off-road riding. More and more off-road centres are suffering from problems with noise and the whirr of an electric motor is much more sociable than open-piped four-stroke engines bashing against the redline.

But electric bikes have other advantages too. Without a clutch or gearbox to operate they make an ideal introduction to motorcycling for newbies in a safe off-road environment.

E-Nduro in Dorset is one such centre. It’s a great facility with plenty of different options including a five-mile off-road circuit and seven-mile one too. These longer rides make for a proper adventure, closer to an Enduro circuit than a short motocross track where you complete 20 laps in the time it takes to do one five-mile loop of the bigger circuit.

E-Nduro uses KTM’s electric Freeride E-XC, which is one of those bikes that can be both challenging enough for experts but suitable for newbies too.

BikeSocial sent our tame off-roader Kane Dalton along to sample the experience.


E-Nduro: electric adventure riding for novices or experts

BikeSocial's Kane Dalton hones his off-road skills on KTM's electric Freeride E-XC at the E-Nduro experience in Dorset.

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