Tested: TCX Clima Gore-Tex Surround motorcycle boots review

Tested: TCX Clima Gore-Tex Surround motorcycle boots review


Date reviewed: May 2019 | Tested by: Steve Lamb | Price: £249.99 | www.nevis.uk.com


I've been wearing these TCX Clima Surround WP boots for just under six months and in that time covered over 3,000 miles on a variety of bikes and scooters (mostly as rider, but also as pillion), in a variety of weather conditions from -6°C to 20°C, rain and shine.



Construction and features

The boot uppers are constructed from Cordura with 'micro-injected' inserts at the reinforcement points such as the gear change pad. Simply put, the inserts are moulded into the weave of the fabric (rather than being stuck on top), ensuring that there can be no delamination between the inserts and the body of the boot. It certainly works well as after 3,000-odd miles, all inserts are as firmly secured as on day one.

Internally, the boots are lined with a Gore-Tex comfort lining – a breathable, waterproof membrane allowing your feet to stay dry, both by allowing perspiration to evaporate, and preventing ingress of water.

The footbed is also breathable and removeable. So far I’ve seen no deterioration of the inside of the boots or insole, and they even smell almost as fresh as when new. Quite an achievement with my feet, which usually sweat lots (too much information?).


Tested: TCX Clima Gore-Tex Surround motorcycle boots review



The boots feature a good-sized YKK Zip with an elasticated placket to ease closure and ensure a nice close fit. The zip toggle is fitted with a hook-and-loop tab that allows the zip to be held in the upper position and prevent creep. The zip is covered both internally by a web, and externally by a storm flap to ensure no water ingress is possible.


Tested: TCX Clima Gore-Tex Surround motorcycle boots review


Protection and certification

The boots are CE approved and feature protective inserts to the shin, heel and toes as well as an internal sole insert to protect the foot from lateral crushing forces. All these make the boots feel very safe and secure while not being bulky or inflexible.  

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the law, click here.




I wear a UK size 8 and these boots are labelled as EU42 / US 8.5 so fit very well indeed.

Both on and off the bike, my feet remain cool and comfortable, to the point where I can wear them for a whole day in the office.

There have been no tight points or rubs, and thanks to the elasticated zip placket, no zip bodies digging into my ankle. The hook-and-loop storm flaps hold very securely, to the point where they can be quite difficult to undo when my hands are cold or wet.


Tested: TCX Clima Gore-Tex Surround motorcycle boots review


Sole and grip

The sole of the boot is the key feature, with a four-layer construction comprising the footsole, a breathable felt layer, a reinforced poly-propylene midsole with Gore-Tex Surround integral ventilation channels, and the outer rubber outsole.

A first in motorcycle boots, more commonly found in hiking boots and sports shoes, the Gore-Tex Surround ventilation channels exit the sides of the sole, allowing air flow through the sole, providing breathability in all directions and ensuring you stay cool and fresh.

The ventilation holes are sufficiently high on the sole not to allow water ingress should you stand in a puddle (water depth of up to approx. 1cm), but when wading in deeper water (2cm+) some water does enter the holes. The foot remains dry though as the insole is still above the ventilation grid and there is no direct route into the boot inner.



Despite enduring some very wet motorway miles on unprotected bikes, these boots have kept my feet totally dry, and surprisingly warm. Even with some very wet motorway miles (and purposely riding in the spray from trucks to prove the point), they kept my feet totally dry and ready for a day in the office. 

I was afraid that, with the ventilation system, my feet would get cold very quickly, but this has not been the case. Due to the mesh nature of the outers, once wetted, they dry easily, and have stayed looking clean, despite being exposed to considerable road spray.


Tested: TCX Clima Gore-Tex Surround motorcycle boots review



In every aspect, these are great boots that have quickly become my go-to product for both cold and warm weather rides.

While not quite offering the same 'armour-plated' feeling of protection as, for instance, my RST trac-tech boots, they do feel very safe and secure for touring and commuting and look great with textiles, leather or jeans, both on and off the bike where their light weight and 'trainer' type looks make them just as versatile for casual wear.