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Tested: Spada Strider Ladies motorcycle boots review

By BikeSocial Member

The BikeSocial member Test Team is made up of experienced riders covering high mileages who are able to subjectively analyse and review kit that they use day-in, day-out.



The Spada Strider boots are casual-styled with CE protection. But just how good are these budget waterproof motorcycle trainers? Full and honest review
The Spada Strider boots are casual-styled with CE protection. But just how good are these budget waterproof motorcycle trainers? Full and honest review
The Spada Strider boots are casual-styled with CE protection. But just how good are these budget waterproof motorcycle trainers? Full and honest review


Date reviewed: October 2020 | Tested by: Bennetts Rewards member | Price: £69.99 |


Megan Wimpress is a motorcycle instructor from Bedfordshire and a member of Bennetts Rewards. We asked her to review the Spada Strider motorcycle boots, which at just £69.99 promise CE-certified protection in a waterproof, casual-style boot.

Riding her own Kawasaki ZX-6R, as well as various bikes where she works, she’s been wearing them in all weathers for the past five months…


  • Very comfortable

  • Feel great even off the motorbike

  • Brilliant value for money

  • Boots mark very easily

  • Hard to care for as not normal wipe-clean leather

  • Warmer in summer months due to the good waterproof lining


Construction and features

The Spada Striders Ladies boots – here in black with dark grey Spada name on the side (backwards on the left boot) – are made of leather and nubuck. You can also get them in brown.

Looking like suede, but with more strength and durability, nubuck is created from top-grain cattle leather – the outer side of a hide – giving it more strength and thickness, making the boots more resistant to wear.

Nubuck characteristics are similar to aniline leather; it’s soft to the touch but does scratch and mark easily and after about six rides I got white marks on the top of the left boot where I change gear. Having said that, I’ve ridden with these in all weathers, so they have picked up a lot of road dirt, but they still look really good.


What’s the difference between suede and nubuck?

A really useful short video that explains how the two leather finishes are produced



The Spada Striders have no zip, so are lace-up only. Just like a pair of Converse High-Tops, they do take a bit more time to put on, but are very comfortable when done up both on and off the bike.



Protection and certification

The Spada Striders (both the mens and womens versions) are fully CE-approved as PPE, with soft armoured inserts included on either side of the ankle as well as reinforced toe and heel.

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the law, click here.




The Spada Strider Ladies boots are incredibly comfortable on any bike I've ridden, and it’s the same story when walking about even all day long.

When laced up they’re snug and hold my feet well but still allowing movement in my ankle to change gear. The Spada go perfectly with my skinny Bullet jeans, making it look like I'm not even wearing motorcycle gear from the waist down.



Sole and grip

There’s plenty of pattern to the soles, and off the bike in wet weather I didn’t find them slippery on wet or shiny surfaces.

However, compared to my go to old Alpinestars SMX-5 (full-sized bike boots) the lack of a heel means I can't hook my boot onto the peg, so my feet move around lot. I then seem to end up changing  gear off of the moulded gear change pad, which in turn causes more marks to the left boot.

The side of the boots are white and stand out nicely, but do show up marks quickly.




The waterproof Hipora lining and a storm flap keeps the insides of the Striders really dry, with no water getting behind the laces, as the tongue of the boot is attached all the way down the side.

On the other hand, when it’s raining very heavily, the water does run off of my skinny jeans into my boots. With trousers that are wider and cover the top of the boots there wouldn't be such a problem, but these are designed for when you get caught out, not all-weather daily commuting as it’s hard to seal any trouser leg on a short boot like this.

In the hot weather my feet do sweat, though not really any more than in my normal full-size boots with small vents.



Spada Strider motorcycle boots review: Verdict

The Spada Striders are my new go-to boots (unless I'm wearing my one-piece leathers of course); comfort on and off the bike is perfect, and they keep your feet dry in short showers. They come with a two-year guarantee, two pairs of laces and really are brilliant value for money; I’d definitely recommend them to friends and anyone I’m teaching to ride…