Tested: Spada Stelvio waterproof motorcycle boots review

Tested: Spada Stelvio waterproof motorcycle boots review


Date reviewed: June 2019 | Tested by: Ash Dunning, BikeSocial Test Team | Price: £149.99 | www.spadaclothing.co.uk


I’ve been testing the Spada Stelvio boots through winter and into spring while riding my Triumph Tiger 800, covering all kinds of roads, including built-up urban areas, country roads, dual carriageways and motorways in Northumbria and the Yorkshire Dales.


Tested: Spada Stelvio waterproof motorcycle boots review


Construction and features

These boots have a nice design and good build quality, using a mixture of leather and nubuck for construction, with a Hipora waterproof lining. Reflective areas are incorporated for improved visibility, and good quality zip and Velcro fastenings are used, with stretch areas on both sides.

A tab is installed at the top of the boots that helps in pulling them on – a much appreciated feature – and the gear change areas (left and right) have plastic reinforcements.




With the Velcro sides opened up, the zips on the inside faces give full access to get your foot in. The stretch areas, high up on the outside and back, give a little more room for expansion to accommodate different-sized calves.

The zip toggle is also made of Velcro, which means it can be secured out of the way as the large main flaps are set in place.



Protection and certification

Surprisingly, the Stelvios do not have any CE certification for protection. The ankles have plastic armour inserts and dense foam, while the heels and toes are also reinforced.

To check the safety of the soles, I laid one of the boots on the floor and stood on it – the sole held fine, meaning these would offer good protection from crushing in the event that you got caught under the bike. Any sole that can be crushed would fail CE approval.

From April 21 2018, all new motorcycle clothing is deemed to be Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). To meet this legislation, it must be tested to a recognised standard. For more information on the law, click here.



I found these boots to be extremely comfortable from first putting them on, and after only a short time I forgot I was even wearing brand new boots. The calf area has a small amount of adjustability using the Velcro panel, and the lining is extremely soft, warm and very comfortable, as is the innersole.


Tested: Spada Stelvio waterproof motorcycle boots review


Sole and grip

The firm sole is very comfortable to walk around in, with plenty of grip.


Tested: Spada Stelvio waterproof motorcycle boots review



The boots have a Hipora waterproof lining and after several rides in the rain, I’ve found them to be totally waterproof.


Tested: Spada Stelvio waterproof motorcycle boots review



Like most riders, I’ve tried on numerous pairs of boots looking for comfort and fit and straight out of the box; the Spada Stelvios delivered on both counts.

These boots are very well made, warm and still supple enough to walk around off the bike with no problems.

The nubuck leather will require a little more maintenance than the normal leather, but there are plenty of products on the market that offer good, long-lasting protection.  

With a two-year warranty when you register them within 28 days of buying, if you’re in the market for a new pair of boots I’d definitely recommend trying the Spada Stelvios.