Tested: Furygan Ted D3O Sympatex boot review

Simon Hancocks
By Simon Hancocks
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Date reviewed: January 2018 | Tested by: Simon Hancocks | Price: £109.99 | www.nevis.uk.com

I’ve been using these Furygan boots for three months now and have used them on launches, commuting to work and even as casual footwear during the winter months.


Construction and features

The Furygan TED Sympatex boots are a waterproof hi-level boot that is CE homologated for motorcycle use. They include D3O protection on both sides of the malleolus (bony part of your ankle that sticks out!), toes and heel. The soles are totally flat with no heel and are designed to be anti-slip.

The outer construction is a mix of cowhide and Sympatex which is a waterproof yet breathable synthetic fabric.



No fancy fasteners here; the Ted boots have full length laces that continue right to the top of the boot. The laces run quite a tight path through the eyelets of the boot, you do have to loosen the laces off quite a long way down the boot before you can put them on or take them off.


Furygan Ted Sympatex boot review



I’ve spent full days wearing these boots and find them as comfortable as any normal pair of trainers. They were a little rigid when new – to be expected with any bike boot – but now they are soft, supple and comfortable when I’m on or off the bike. I’ve walked long distances in these boots and have never had any problems with blisters of chafing at all.


Furygan Ted Sympatex boot review



The sole of the boot is the one negative area I can see with these. In keeping with the styling of the Furygans the sole is completely flat with no heel whatsoever. There is tread on the bottom but no more aggressive than you find on a normal training shoe. The only problem I have is that the sole is quite slippery on any bike that has rubber mounted foot rests. Adding to this the lack of heal means you have nothing to lock against the footpeg if you do need to stand on up on the pegs.

This isn’t a massive problem, these aren’t the kind of boots you would choose for a off road adventure, but it’s something to think about.


Furygan Ted Sympatex boot review



I have used these boots all through the winter and have found them to be completely waterproof. The only time any moisture got in was when riding through a flooded road and some water worked up my trouser and down into the boot.

The Sympatex lining, although breathable, somehow seems to keep your feet warm too. I will have to update this article in the summer with how they perform in warmer weather – I have a feeling my feet might get quite hot.


Furygan Ted Sympatex boot review



At a tad over £100 these are some very keenly priced boots. They perform very well in a variety of situations with the only negative being the lack of a heel and the slightly slippery sole. With that said they are sold as a CE approved yet fashionable motorcycle boot, that most users will wear for a ride out with friends and other low stress situations. Taking this into account they are perfect. They look great, can be worn for long periods on and off the bike and have all the protection of heavier, clumpier, motorcycle specific boots.



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