Jacket Review: Tucano Urbano Agos

Very stylish, very European says Product Tester Taylor

Tucano Urbano is an Italian company which made its name producing those funny fitted blankets that cover the rider’s legs on big scooters, and which now specialises in making fashionable bike clothing aimed at city commuters.

The range includes trendy women’s blazers, parkas and trench coats fitted with removable armour, as well as some more conventionally styled items, such as the Agos jacket we’ve had on test for the past few months.

The first thing you notice about the Agos is just how thin it is. It’s a windbreaker style coat and the very definition of the words ‘summer jacket’. Tucano Urbano’s products are, without exception, very stylish and very European. I wore the Agos for a few days scooter riding in sweltering Portugal and I wouldn’t have chosen anything else. The jacket is full of neat touches like reflective material, adjustable cuffs and taped seams that make it ideal for riding a motorcycle, while blending in perfectly off the bike.

The epitome of a summer jacketGood for mobile phones or passports apparently

Back home in the UK, the Agos is also great for when you want to stick on a jacket and pop down the shops. I found it kept me dry the few times I wore it in the wet, however it makes no pretence at providing warmth and would, I fear, be left on the shelf come winter time.

It really is best for urban commuters and, despite the easy to remove protective inserts in the shoulders and elbows, it doesn’t feel that substantial. At the risk of saying something really stupid, I wouldn’t want to crash in the Agos jacket. It’s fine for scooting through the streets, but definitely not a touring jacket.

If that sounds negative then I don’t mean it to be. I really like this jacket, particularly in bright red (it also comes in black, grey and a greenish khaki colour), but I know that I won’t be using it too much here in Britain. This is a jacket that will surely do well in warmer Mediterranean climes and if you can afford the £111.99 for a summer jacket then you could do much worse than this, especially if you want something light and stylish to wear when you arrive at your destination.

To buy this jacket, click here for Tucano Urbano's official site