Interphone Motioncam1

Author: Iggy Grainger Posted: 28 Dec 2013

Interphone Motioncam1

Interphones make various bike intercoms, phone holders, sat navs and also this full HD on bike camera. The Motioncam1 is waterproof to 20 metres, has dual LEDs for night filming and a laser pointer for correct framing. It has a 120º HD wide-angle lens and comes with a couple of different angled mounts and three rubber straps (small, medium, large) for use in various ways, like the top or side of a helmet for instance.

It uses a Micro SD memory card (not included) and the rechargeable battery gives around two hours of recording. I’ve been using a Motioncam1 for a few months for mountain biking, other extreme sports and of course riding bikes. I’ve shot some great footage on mine, although it took a couple of goes before I sussed out the best way to position it properly for the best shots (the laser helps) so shoot a few trial videos before filming something important.

There’s a waterproof pull out bung in the rear of the camera, it gives access to the USB connection and also covers the microphone – so remember to remove it if you want to get the best sound quality (I learnt that the hard way as well).

The camera is easy enough to operate on the move, there are just three buttons on the top and you feel a vibration and hear a bleep to let you know it’s on and when it’s recording/stopped. All in all not a bad little camera for £259.99.


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