Tested: Nexx SX.100 motorcycle helmet review


Date reviewed: July 2018 | Tested by: BikeSocial Test Team | Price: From £129.99 | www.nexx-helmets.com


The full-face Nexx SX.100 costs £129.99 for plain colours, with a fluoro yellow at £139.99 and graphics priced at £159.99. BikeSocial Test Team member Richard Niven has been using one while exploring the Scottish Highlands and beyond on his Honda Transalp 700 and NC750…


Outer shell

This SX.100 has a deep shine to its thermoplastic shell, with well-finished vents and an attractive liner.



At 1646g, the Nexx is slightly weightier than many other budget-priced full-face helmets, but it’s not so heavy as to cause any issues in use.




The twin-port top vent is very effective, letting in plenty of cooling air and is easy to operate. The chin vent is good too, and easy to open/close once you get used to it.

It’s very still inside, but within the first 50 miles the chin curtain fell off while riding at speed – without it, the lid is a lot more airy inside.




The visor is very easily removed for cleaing, thanks to a lever on either side; it’s equally as simple to pop back in place.

There’s a central thumb tab to open the visor, which I prefer to a single on on the left as it’s easier to operate with my right hand while holding the clutch in.

Peripheral vision is good, and the visor can be cracked open above its latch for more demisting, though at speed I found it sometimes closed fully. However, a Pinlock 70 (a medium grade anti-fog insert) is included with the Nexx, so fogging won’t be a problem even in cold weather (though specs wearers might still want to ensure they keep some air flowing).

The visor operates on a smooth four-position ratchet that locks firmly fully open, and seals very well, not letting any water in during heavy rain.




The lining is easy to remove for cleaning, and while the neck skirt can be a little fiddly to replace, it’s not something you’ll be doing regularly.

The clips that hold the cheek pads can sometimes pull out with the pads, but this isn’t a problem as they push easily and securely back into place.




The SX.100 has a micrometric ratchet fastener, which is easy to use even with gloves on. I did find that if pulled fully open, the clip that holds the strap in place can jam open, stopping it from holding the strap closed. This is a warranty issue though, so if it was to be something you experienced, it should be brought up with the dealer.

The elastic loops on the liner that keep the strap to hand are a very nice little touch.



It will of course totally depend on your head shape, but I found the Nexx’s fit to be very good; the padding is quite soft and doesn’t put any pressure on my head. I also had no problem wearing spectacles with the Nexx.



As I’m used to flip-up helmets, this full face lid certainly is much quieter. Of course, earplugs are essential with any helmet, but this one doesn’t have any problems with noise.



This is a good, light helmet. The strap was a problem, and the chin curtain needs checking to ensure it’s secure, but otherwise it has a lot going for it and is worth checking out, especially for the money.