Tested: HJC TR-1 motorcycle helmet review


Date reviewed: July 2018 | Tested by: BikeSocial test team | Price: From £119.99 | www.oxfordproducts.com


Costing £119.99 for plain colours and £139.99 for graphics, the HJC is an affordable ACU Gold-approved full-face helmet. Paul Wolfe, a member of the BikeSocial Test Team, has been using one for commuting and pleasure on his Yamaha MT-09 and Suzuki GSX-R1000.


Outer shell

The finish and overall build quality on this polycarbonate shell is outstanding – this model has a matt finish with very well-produced graphics and decent vents.



At 1549g for this small version, the HJC is a fairly average weight for a polycarbonate lid, and certainly won’t give you any neck strain.




Four exhaust vents on the rear are always open, and the TR-1 has two independently closeable vents on the top, and one on the chin. The channelling isn’t very deep inside the polystyrene liner, so although the vents are easy to open and close, they don’t make a huge amount of difference in air flow.

A removable chin skirt helps keep the air quite still inside the lid when riding.




The visor seals well, not letting any water in even during heavy rain. It’s removed for cleaning by pushing a lever on either side, then it’s very easy to snap back in.

A single tab on the left is used to open the visor (one in the middle or one on either side is slightly easier to use with your right hand when holding the clutch in), which operates on a smooth three-position ratchet, though friction allows you to crack it open a little.

A Pinlock anti-fog insert can be fitted, but one isn’t supplied; misting does occur, and is worse when the sun-shield is dropped, but opening the visor slightly soon clears it; just keep in mind that at speeds above around 60mph on my Yamaha, the visor latches itself fully closed.

The sun-shield doesn’t touch any part of my face, but drops down far enough to be very useful; it’s also easy to use thanks to the slider that brings it down, and the button that quickly retracts it.

Unfortunately the visor is marking the matt finish at the front of the helmet a little when opening it.




The well-made lining is very easy to remove and refit, so cleaning shouldn’t be a problem.



The Double-D ring fastener gives a very secure fit every time, and there’s a popper to stop the loose end flapping about, though that popper is tucked under the cheek padding, so is rather hard to use.



I found this a very tight fit, though sizing and comfort is of course very subjective. For me, it’s tight around the ears and hard to get on and off, but while riding it’s fine.

Glasses are quite hard to get on (due to the snug fit) but once there they are comfortable.



The noise level depends on the bike I’m riding, and while this doesn’t seem an exceptionally noisy lid, it’s not the quietest I’ve ridden in. Still, all helmets require earplugs, so it’s not a major issue.



With its excellent build and good features, I would recommend this helmet. Be aware that sizing can be a little tight, but with the very good offers currently available, this HJC is well worth considering.